Who Was Lizbeth Mass? Boyfriend Avenges Her Death by Trying to Mow Down Killer (VIDEO)

Lizbeth Mass, a 52-year-old construction flagger, was gunned down by a man who got enraged after being introduced to her lover. Hours later, a graphic video showing Mass being shot dead and her boyfriend mowing down her killer at a Bronx traffic triangle went viral on social media.

Mass, who was also dubbed as "the mayor of City Island," was shot dead by 66-year-old Jose Reyes, a handyman, on Wednesday. The shocking incident took place in broad daylight at the intersection of City Island Avenue and City Island Road on City Island.

Lizbeth Mass
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Mass's Boyfriend Tried to Mow Down Her Killer

The graphic video was part shot on the surveillance camera. The Surveillance video obtained by theNew York Daily News, partially shows a woman believed to be Mass sitting on the sidewalk with her legs outstretched. A man believed to be Reyes is seen approaching the woman after laying down his bike on the sidewalk. The woman is seen getting up and trying to run away as Reyes fires multiple shots.

The shooter then picks up his bike and tries to peddle away. Seconds later he is seen flying up in the air after being hit by a car. After falling back on the ground, the man tries to get up by holding a Detour sign board placed on the road. It is at this point that the same car, Hyundai Sonata, rolls back and hits him again.

The driver of the car, identified as Dwayne Walker, throws Reyes on the car's hood and starts punching him. Following the intervention of the bystanders walker rushes to help his girlfriend Mass lying bleeding on the sidewalk.

Reyes Wasn't Aware About Mass Having a Boyfriend

Reyes was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon, according to NYPD.

According to People, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said that Reyes who worked as a handyman in the area, "frequently" came by the construction site on his bike. "She always has a friendly smile for him, talks to him. Yesterday he stops by. He brings a sandwich to her. They have some sort of discussion which we don't know about," Essig stated further.

Stating that Mass introduced him to Reyes on Wednesday, Walker said, "She befriended him. She mentioned him. She said this guy would bring her lunch sometimes. I spoke to this guy and he seemed OK."

"When my sister presented her boyfriend to him he changed his look," said Raul Mass, 43, who is Lizbeth's brother. "I think he didn't know she had a boyfriend," he added.