Who Was Jesse Hamric? Colorado Teen Dies after Jumping Into Electrified Virginia Lake While Vacationing on July 4

Faulty wiring on boats or docks can release energy into the lake, causing the water to become electrically charged.

A Colorado teenager died after jumping into an electrified lake while celebrating the 4th of July, according to reports. Jesse Hamric, 18, dove into the water at Smith Mountain Lake near Roanoke, Virginia, early Thursday morning, when his friends quickly realized something was wrong.

Two of Hamric's friends saw him struggling in the lake and tried to jump in, but they felt an electric shock. Despite sustaining injuries themselves, they managed to pull out Hamric from the lake, as reported by WDBJ. One friend began CPR on Hamric while another friend contacted emergency services. Emergency responders arrived at 4 a.m. and immediately transported Hamric to a hospital, where he died.

Tragic Death

Jesse Hamric
Jesse Hamric Instagram

His two friends sustained minor injuries. Local police said that Hamric and his two friends were all believed to have been electrocuted. Faulty wiring on boats or docks can release energy into the lake, causing the water to become electrically charged.

Medical examiners are currently conducting an autopsy, and investigators noted a boat lift was near the accident scene, suggesting it could have malfunctioned and contributed to Hamric's death.

However, according to WWVA, water testing revealed the presence of electricity, leading investigators to suspect stray voltage from a privately owned dock as the likely cause. There is no suspicion of foul play in Hamric's death.

Hamric was a student athlete at Steamboat Springs High School in Colorado, where his father, Jay, serves as principal, as reported by the Steamboat Pilot. His mother is also an elementary school teacher in the town.

Community Devastated

Jesse Hamric
Jesse Hamric Instagram

Friends are deeply saddened by the loss of Hamric, a cherished member of their community. "Ever since I first met that kid, I mean, he's like one of a kind," friend Alex Schwab told KDVR.

"You see him and you just, like, he always has a smile on his face."

Originally from Steamboat Springs, Hamric was visiting friends with his family when the tragic accident occurred.

Hamric had graduated from Steamboat Springs High School just a month ago, where he excelled as a varsity athlete in both baseball and football.

A prayer vigil was held for Hamric on Friday at a local Catholic church in Steamboat Springs. "Still can't even like process it. I'm so upset by it," Schwab added.

The school issued a statement on its website expressing condolences following Hamric's death.

"We are profoundly saddened by the loss of a recent graduate from Steamboat Springs High School," the statement reads.

It further announced that mental health counselors and crisis response professionals would be available to support the community.

"Please prioritize self-care, seek support from those around you, and support one another during this time. Our thoughts are with everyone affected."