Who Was Ian Matthew Crystal? Liquor Company CEO Dies After Body Flip Goes Wrong

A 46-year-old man died after an attempt to do a body flip went wrong in New York on Friday night, 20 August. The incident occurred at Citi Field in New York-Presbyterian Queens during a rock concert.

Ian Matthew Crystal
Ian Matthew Crystal. Ian Matthew Crystal Social Media Pages

Liquor Company CEO Dies at Rock Concert

According to reports, Ian Matthew Crystal, aged 46, landed on the balcony with his head hitting the ground from about 30-50 feet height, the New York Daily News said. The incident occurred around 9 pm during the intermission. The ground was concrete, police told the daily.

He was rushed to the New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Later, Detective Sophia Mason, a spokesperson from the New York Police Department, stated that the injuries suffered by Ian Crystal were "consistent with a fall from an elevated position."

"We saw someone fall from this ledge," Sean Egan, a witness told the daily. Another witness and driver told the media that the man was unconscious after the fall, indicating that he was dead after hitting the ground from the aforementioned height.

"His brother came downstairs and found out he jumped. His brother was with him. He was crying," he added.

As per Insider, the cops have ruled out the suicide angle while stating that he was possibly under the influence.

Who Was Ian Crystal?

The deceased was the co-founder and CEO of Evolutions Spirits, the profile page of his Linkedin page says. The people, who knew him, have told the daily that he was a quiet man who was liked by people around him and he was attached to his dog, Beatrice.

"We never had an issue with him. He was a cool guy, "40-year-old Juan Torres told the daily.

"Ian Crystal was always down for the next adventure or for a long conversation that could go deep or off the rails in the best way. Left a long list of people that will miss you," a heartbroken friend wrote on Facebook.

Crystal, who held an MBA degree from Emory University, had worked in a couple of companies in various positions before co-founding Evolution Spirits Inc., and Monkey Rum.

The bio on his Linkedin page about the company read: "In 2014, William Morris and Zane Lamprey came with a challenge, develop a new brand to support the National Geographic Channel show, "Chug" with Zane Lamprey. The result was the creation and launch of Monkey Rum, a 91-rated, barrel-aged Caribbean Rum made with natural ingredients and designed to sip. Available in 11 states in the US, Monkey Rum is the world's first bottle designed to be recycled into glassware. When consumers finish the bottle, they can return to any of the 2000+ participating liquors stores and trade the empty bottle for restaurant-quality rocks or pint glass (converted from the original Monkey Rum bottle). Evolution Spirits Inc. Has recycled over 20,000 bottles."