Who Was Dr Dmitry Kolker? Top Russian Scientist Dies Two Days After Being Held By FSB on Suspicion Spying for China

A top Russian scientist died just two days after being jailed by the secret service on the suspicion of being a spy. Dr. Dmitry Kolker was arrested by Federal Security Service (FSB) on suspicion of high treason.

Kolker was battling pancreatic cancer when FSB held him and took him Moscow via plane in four hours.

Dr Dmitry Kolker
Dr Dmitry Kolker Twitter

FSB Tortured Kolker

His family is accusing the security service of grave human rights abuse and torturing the scientist.

Dr Dmitry Kolker
Dr Dmitry Kolker Twitter

Officials had accused the scientist of passing state secrets on the laser to Beijing.

Clarifying that FSB had medical authorization to unplug him from his hospital drip, authorities revealed that FSB locked him up in a major spy investigation only after official approval. Officials had put him in Lefortovo prison in the Russian capital.

Dr Dmitry Kolker
Dr Dmitry Kolker Twitter

Kolker Was Severely ill

Kolker's family also claimed that due to cancer, the scientist was too ill to receive more chemotherapy but FSB flew him to Moscow.

An academic source told The Mirror that due to the war with Ukraine, Russian officials see spies everywhere and also top scientists were officially urged to collaborate with top foreign partners, they did so, and now they are being accused of espionage.

Who Was Dr Dmitry Kolker?

Maxim, Kolker's son, has blamed FSB for the death of his father stating that they took him away despite knowing his poor health condition.

Dr Kolker, 54, was head of Novosibirsk State University's quantum optical technologies laboratory, and regarded as a world expert on lasers. He had previously collaborated with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxford, and major institutes in many countries, according to The Mirror.

There are speculations that accusations could be related to the military secrets related to the new age weapons.

Maxim also accepted that his father had previously traveled to China but stressed that he went on a lecturing trip.