Who Was Dana Hyde? Passenger Killed on Board Private Jet During Severe Turbulence Was Prominent D.C. Lawyer Who Served on Obama and Clinton Administrations

She also worked for President Bill Clinton's administration as special assistant to the deputy attorney general and counsel to the 9/11 Commission.

The passenger who was killed on a private jet during severe turbulence while flying from New England last week has been identified as a prominent Washington-based lawyer who served in the Clinton and Obama administrations. Dana J. Hyde was named by Connecticut cops investigating the incident on Monday as the deceased during the unfortunate incident.

Five people were on board the DC-bound plane, including Hyde, 55, who was forced to make a diversion to Bradley International Airport in Connecticut late on Friday. Hyde, a resident of Cabin John, Maryland, was transported by ambulance to Saint Francis Hospital Center in Hartford where she was later pronounced dead, the agency said.

Unfortunate and Tragic Death

Dana Hyde
Dana Hyde Twitter

Hyde's name was released on Monday by Connecticut police who are looking into the incident. Hyde was also a graduate of the 9/11 Commission, also known as The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Against the United States.

Others on board the private jet were Hyde's husband and son, along with two crew members; All four of them made it out alive. The turbulence apparently struck unexpectedly as the family was returning to their home in Cabin John, Maryland.

Dana Hyde
Dana Hyde Twitter

Hyde's remains are with the Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, while the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board look into what transpired aboard the Bombardier executive aircraft that was flying from Keene, New Hampshire, to Leesburg, Virginia, before suddenly diverting to Bradley.

The Connecticut State Troopers confirmed the private aircraft belonged to a company run by Hyde's spouse, Jonathan Chambers, in a statement released on Monday that provided details about the ongoing investigation by law enforcement into the ex-White House staffer's death, which is also being looked into by the FBI.

Bombardier Challenger 300
The Bombardier Challenger 300 after landing at Bradley International Airport, Connecticut Twitter

Conexon, a firm with headquarters in Kansas City, offers rural areas high-speed internet connection. Prior to joining the organization, Chambers was also a well-known figure in Washington, serving first as the Republican staff director for the U.S. Senate and then as the FCC's chief of the Office of Strategic Planning.

A Successful Career

Hyde herself was also a successful lawyer. Her bio mentions that during the administration of President Barack Obama, she served as the chief executive officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, an assistant director in the White House Office of Management and Budget, and a senior advisor to the deputy secretary of state.

Jonathan Chambers
The private aircraft company was owned by Hyde's husband Jonathan Chambers Twitter

She also worked for President Bill Clinton's administration as special assistant to the deputy attorney general and counsel to the 9/11 Commission.

At the time of her death, Hyde was working as a part-time consultant for the Aspen Institute, a DC-based group of business executives working to address some of the most pressing problems in the world.

In the role, Hyde served as co-chair of the Aspen Partnership for an Inclusive Economy (APIE), which, according to the agency's website, " works to bridge the gaps between the people who deserve more inclusive systems and standards and the people who set them."

Dana Hyde
Dana Hyde Twitter

According to officials, as soon as the plane touched down on Friday, Hyde was taken to Saint Francis Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut, where she was later pronounced dead.

Flight Aware data shows that the plane made the reverse flight from Leesburg to Dillant/Hopkins at 3:49 PM on Thursday. Hyde was then taken by ambulance to the nearby hospital when Connecticut State Troopers responded to a medical assistance call centered on the internet service provider's private jet.

The distance between Keene, New Hampshire, where the plane took off first, and Bradley Airport is roughly 70 miles.

The Bombardier Challenger 300, according to flight data, flew south along the Connecticut River before landing at 3:45 p.m., reaching a high altitude of 26,000 feet before suddenly descending.

Although it was recently announced, it is still unclear how Hyde died. Her family has not yet released a statement, and the NTSB won't release a preliminary report for another two to three weeks.