Who Was Alfred Baldwin III? Star Witness in Watergate Scandal Dies at 83

An FBI agent, who was a star witness in the Watergate scandal, died at the age of 83. Alfred Baldwin III died in January 2020 but his death is made public this week in a book. He died while battling cancer. The revelation from the Watergate scandal led to the resignation of former president Richard Nixon.

Alfred Baldwin
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Baldwin's Death Was Revealed in an Updated Book

Baldwin's death is revealed in an updated version of the book 'The Watergate Burglars' by Shane O'Sullivan, which was released on May 3.

Baldwin was the lookout and point of contact with the Watergate burglars and after agreeing to testify, Baldwin never faced any charges for his role in the break-in, according to Daily Mail.

He was the main witness in the prosecution against the burglars.

Richard Nixon
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Baldwin Didn't Want to Make His Death Public

According to the book, Baldwin didn't want his death to be made public although no reason is specified for that.

O'Sullivan has revealed that he was writing a memoir but it was unfinished.

The writer was informed about Baldwin's death in 2020. Baldwin was not married he was a bachelor and he believed that due to his bachelor status he was selected for a key role in Watergate.

Who Was Baldwin?

Previously Baldwin had provided his service in the Vietnam war with Marine Corps. He was from a Connecticut family, who was politically connected. Raymond, Baldwin's great uncle, was a two-governor of the state. He died at a care center in New Paltz, New York.

Baldwin's friend and lawyer Robert C. Mirto has confirmed his death.

Following Watergate, Baldwin served as a schoolteacher for some time and worked as a state prosecutor in Hartford. Later, he retired in 1997.

He was the only member of the team who was not charged with a crime.

But some experts doubt his role saying that McCord and other CIA veterans had planned to remove Nixon from power as the president was easing tensions with the Soviet Union and China.