Who Was Aaron Salter Jr.? Heroic Tops Friendly Guard Saves Lives Before Being Killed by Buffalo Shooter Payton Gendron

Aaron Salter Jr., 55, a security guard at Tops Friendly Market, Buffalo, saved several lives as he fired back at Payton Gendron, the shooter who killed 10 innocent people on Saturday.

Salter, an ex-cop, had taken up the job as a security guard in 2018 following his retirement from the police department. Having graduated from High School, Salter joined the police department and served for 30 years.

His previous heroic deeds include dousing a kitchen fire and catching the torcher, saving himself and his partner while responding to armed burglary. A father of three, Salter was an environmentalist who was an exponent of green energy.

People from across the US in particular as well as from the rest of the world have saluted Salter for his heroic deed and have called him a "True Hero".

Aaron Salter Jr.

Give Fame to the Real Heroes, Not the Criminals; Social Media Buzz

Condemning the racially motivated hate crime, some social media followers have initiated a campaign to make Salter and heroes like him more popular than the killers and perpetrators of hate crimes.

A segment of social media followers has even described Salter as "bravery personified".

Like a true hero and a savior, Salter fired back at the teen shooter who was on a killing spree inside the supermarket. However, Salter did not succeed in shooting the killer who was wearing armor. Unfortunately, Salter was shot dead by Gendron in return fire.

The eyewitnesses, while narrating the incident, have stated that Salter's timely action had undoubtedly saved many lives.

According to a report published by CBS News, Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia called Salter a true hero adding that he may have prevented what could have been worst. The Police Commissioner also stated that Salter was admired and loved by his colleagues and that the police department was sure that he had saved many lives.

A Twitter user while appreciating Salter for his heroic act wrote, "Aaron Salter who lost his life trying to protect those in the store & stop the white shooter, needs to be remembered as a hero."

Another user expressed, "He is Aaron Salter. The retired police officer turned security guard who was working at Tops Supermarket in Buffalo. He tried to stop the mass shooter and paid with his life. He died because of racial hatred. All who peddle it for political or financial gain."

"Aaron Salter Jr, retired Buffalo Police officer who was working as a security guard at Tops yesterday in Buffalo. This man went face to face with pure evil (not mental health bs) & courageously defended the lives of innocent people. Never forget this hero. #AaronSalter #RIP," shared another twitter user.