Who is Wali? One of World's Deadliest Snipers Vowing to Slaughter Putin's Troops Arrives in Ukraine After Zelensky's Plea

The sniper who goes by the nickname Wali, had fought alongside the Kurds against ISIS in Syria.

One of the world's deadliest snipers have joined Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky's army vowing to slaughter Russian soldiers one by one. The sniper travelling to the frontline with Zelensky's force happens after the Ukraine president called foreigners willing to join the fight against the Russian invaders and protect international security, according to a report published in Daily Star.

"All foreigners wishing to join the resistance against the Russian occupiers and protect international security are invited by the Ukrainian government to come to our territory to join the ranks of our territorial forces," president Zelensky announced last week on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

The sniper, who was given the nickname 'Wali' in Afghanistan, said he answered Zelensky's call like a firefighter. Moreover, Wali reportedly said that a friend contacted him on Friday, who had been helping in delivering food in the occupied Donbas region for several months by organising 'neutral convoys' of humanitarian aid.

Who is Wali
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"He told me they needed a sniper. It's like a firefighter who hears the alarm ringing. I had to go," Wali told French-Canadian publication La Presse about how his friend approached him for the recruitment.

Who is Wali?

Wali, is known to have fought alongside the Kurds against ISIS in Syria. As the sniper joins the fight against Russians in Ukraine, he leaves behind his wife and son, whose first birthday is going to be celebrated without him next week.

"I know, it's just awful," Wali said. "But me, in my head, when I see the images of destruction in Ukraine, it is my son that I see, in danger and who is suffering. When I see a destroyed building, it is the person who owns it, who sees his pension fund go up in smoke, that I see. I go there for humanitarian reasons," he added while his wife expressed that she reluctantly allowed him to leave, according to Daily Star.

"I knew that if I didn't let him go, I would have broken him," Wali's wife said adding, "It would have been like putting him in jail."

In a statement to CBC, Wali said that after they crossed the border, he along with three other ex-Canadian soldiers were jubilantly greeted by Ukrainians with hugs, handshakes, flags and snaps.

Prior to joining the Ukraine army as a sniper, Wali, was a computer programmer. "A week ago I was still programming stuff," he said. "Now I'm grabbing anti-tank missiles in a warehouse to kill real people... That's my reality now," the young soldier said.