Who is Victoria Bonya? Activists Target Cannes Film Festival as Pro-Putin Influencer Walks on Red Carpet

The Cannes Film Festival is now on target of activists, critics and the western world as it allowed a pro-Putin female influencer, who backs Russia's war against Ukraine, to walk on the red carpet. Victoria Bonya was allowed by organizers despite their claims that they restricted access to pro-Putin celebrities.

Bonya has been boldly claiming that Russia's Ukraine invasion is for true causes and once she also wore a swimsuit depicting Putin's face during the war.

Victoria Bonya
Victoria Bonya Twitter

Bonya Supports Russia's Ukraine War

It's believed that she was asked to not post the video of her participating in the event. The video showed the arrival of the influencer as she walked on the red carpet, although, she was unaccompanied.

She has once posted clips of her social media platforms cutting up the accessories of Chanel as the French brand was moving out of Russia following the Ukraine invasion.

She endorsed the Ukraine war and urged people to not hate Russians.

Her participation in the event sparked outrage among critics as merely a few-Russia linked people were allowed and some anti-Kremlin activists were banned anti-Putin.

Bonya has occupied many roles in showbiz, working as a TV presenter and game show participant, and also had acting parts - including one in the past with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to Daily Mail.

She lives in Monaco but she is observed as a pro-Putin individual due to her support of the Ukraine war.

Bonya Worked With Zelensky

One of the representatives for the Cannes event confirmed that some Russian media outlets were approved for the event.

After critics started targeting her appearance at the Cannes, she hit out at them stating that she had also done a role with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky too.

'Why don't they tag me in the pictures where I'm playing a movie with Zelensky?' she asked.

Who is Victoria Bonya?

Bonya, born in Russia in 1979, started her career as a waitress at the age of 16. She is an influencer model TV host and actress.

She came into the spotlight in 2006 after participating in Dom-2, a TNT reality show.

The model also hosted the Cosmopolitan program and appeared on the covers of various magazines. Her net worth is believed to be $1.5 million and she had also made appearances in several videos.

The actress also has a daughter, Angelina Laetitia Smurfit, 10, from Alexander Smurfit, son of an Irish billionaire, according to Birmingham Mail.

Her Instagram page shows that she has more than 9 million followers.