Who is Tejinder Singh? Californian Man Hurls Anti-Hindu Abuses At Indian Businessman, Abuses Ex-Indian PM (VIDEO)

A Californian man has been arrested after he racially abused an Indian. In the incident that happened at Taco Bell, anti-Hindu slurs were hurled against the Indian American businessman. Tejinder Singh, a Californian, verbally attacked Krishnan Jayaraman while he was waiting to pick up his order at the Taco Bell store.

"Walking around with your f*****g toes out. B***h, this ain't India," the man is recorded saying. "You f****d India up. You're f*****g America up," said Tejinder targeting Jayaraman.

Tejinder Singh
Tejinder Singh Twitter

"You're A Hindu Who Bathes In Cow Urine"

The racially motivated incident was filmed. The eight-minute long video shows Tejinder making offensive remarks about Hinduism directed at Jayaraman.

"You disgusting with your H-1B visa. You're a Hindu who bathes in cow urine.... Nobody comes in the public like this, you dirty Hindu. Indian people are a joke. Look at this nasty s**t," said Tejinder.

In the footage, Jayaraman is not heard saying anything to Tejinder. While remembering the vile incident, Jayaraman said that he didn't see a point of him trying to engage somebody who's hell-bent on picking up a fight and wanting him to engage. "He was so close to my face. He was throwing his dollars on my face. He was spitting everywhere."

Confirming the incident, the Fremont Police Department (CA) stated that "on August 21, 2022, at approximately 8:20 p.m., an employee at a fast food restaurant located in the 40000 block of Grimmer Blvd contacted Fremont Police Department to report a disturbance between two customers."

Tejinder Has Been Charged With Hate Crime

The suspect Tejinder has been charged with Penal Code 422.6(a) - hate crime in violation of civil rights, Penal Code 240 - assault, and Penal Code 415(3) - disturbing the peace by offensive language.

Tejinder Also Abused Late Indian PM

According to ABC 7 News, in the last few minutes of the recorded attack, Jayaraman believes the man revealed what may have been his motivation. "F**k Indira Gandhi, n****," the man is heard saying. Jayaraman explained, "Toward the end of the video, he said the late Prime Minister's name and threw an f-bomb at it. And then I realized, oh my god, he may be Indian."

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