Who is Sultan Shakir? Philadelphia Teachers Asked to Attend Sexually Explicit Transgender Conference Run By Mazzoni Center

A Philadelphia School District has stirred up a controversy by encouraging teachers and staff to attend a transgender wellness conference that pivoted around sexually explicit content.

There were various sessions including 'kink' activities, fetishes about puppies, Mary Poppins, and spanking. Other topics covered in the conference were gender realignment surgery, 'prosthetics for sex', adult toys, and consent.

The details of the sessions convened during the conference have been widely criticized by people and has created a furor on various social media platforms.

The annual event was organized by the Mazzoni Center, run by Sultan Shakir who works for the welfare of the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia.

Trans Wellness Conference

Conference a Complete Paradox to the Abortion Laws?

A faction of social media followers stated that the conference has lost its significance as earlier it was conducted to safeguard the interests of the transgender community but now it focuses around "sex".

Some detractors have also described the conference as a complete paradox to the strict implementation of abortion laws in US. They stated that on one side omen rights are being violated and at the same time so much is being done to safeguard the rights of LGBTQ community.

A report published by Mail Online stated that the conference is being held for last 20 years. It revolved round providing professional training to become a health care provider for transgender patients. Now, it is a three-day event that focuses on various aspects of LGBTQ community. It is planned in a way that helps transgender, gender-nonconforming, nonbinary and intersex people.

The conservative segment of the society has termed the act as blasphemous adding that such obscenity must be discontinued.

A Twitter user while replying to @beckdeblu wrote, "Prior to the "Sexual Rebellion" of the 60s, the School District of Philadelphia would be hung by the neck until they were dead for doing this. Today, it's just another day in "the life." The lukewarm Church is bearing much fruit."

Another user shared, "@PHLschools People of Philadelphia ...your school district seems to have been infiltrated by nonces and weirdos. What business do these people have near children? @realchrisrufo has the story. @Eagles @sixers @Phillies @NHLFlyers @NBCSPhilly."

"Everyone at the School District of Philadelphia who promoted this or stayed quiet about it should lose their jobs immediately," read another tweet.