Who is Stan? Gabby Petito's Dubious Final Text Message to Her Mom Complicates Mystery

As the case of Gabby Petito has grabbed the attention of the entire nation, police have revealed mysterious activity that came from her computer hard drive amid her disappearance and believed death. One of the final messages that Petito's family is believed to have received from her was in the form of an "odd text" sent on August 27.

That's according to a newly-unsealed search warrant giving North Port, Florida after police in North Port, Florida, got a court warrant to search Petito's computer hard drive for crucial clues.

Who Is Stan?

According to the search warrant timeline, Schmidt had received a text message from her on Aug. 27, that read "Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls." Stan is reportedly Petito's grandfather.

According to Schmidt, Petito never calls him Stan, and the strange message made her "concerned that someone was wrong with her daughter," according to the warrant.

It goes on to say that "(the text was the) last communication anyone has with the subject. Her cellphone was no longer operational, and she stopped posting anything on social media about their trip. Per her family, this was not normal behavior for the subject and they became more worried about her."

The warrant also reveals that "there appeared to be more and more tension between (Gabby) and Laundrie," as noted by Schmidt in her conversations with her daughter.

Although the newly-unsealed search warrant stated that Petito's text about "Stan" was her "last communication," a lawyer for the Petito family said her mother received a final text on Aug. 30. Attorney Richard Stafford told Insider on Sept. 15 that the final text from Petito's phone to her mom read, "No service in Yosemite."

"She doesn't believe it was from her daughter," Stafford said. "Looking back now with all the facts ... she believes it's not her daughter."

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Petito Was Pregnant? A Twitter User Suggests to Check Out the Eminem Song 'Stan'

Netizens are predicting various things about Stan. One user wrote, "It makes sense that the message was coded. Why would Brian send a message that would alert her parents of any danger?" Another wrote, "That wasn't coded. Her parents said she didn't call him that. Obviously, it was Brian."

One comment read, "Brian had her phone. Gabby was dead. She didn't call her grandpa Stan." Another comment read, "Her parents already said she didn't call her grandfather Stan. But the grandfather kept trying to call Gabby and she wouldn't answer. So, the theory is that Brian sent the message to Gabby's mom, pretending to be Gabby so Grandpa wouldn't raise a red flag."

"Stan is also a term for an obsessed stalker," said one user. Another twitted, "@fbi read that gabby petito's last text makes a reference to Stan. Check out the Eminem song Stan, where kills his pregnant girlfriend. See if she was pregnant."

This article was first published on September 21, 2021