Who is Shirin Rouhani? Photo of doctor from Iran who passed away while treating COVID-19 patients goes viral

Netizens from Iran have been appreciating Dr Shirin Rouhani from Iran who fought in the frontlines with several other doctors and key workers to rescue the infected people

A doctor from Iran has passed away after a brave battle with the coronavirus outbreak. Recently the netizens have made her identity go public to appreciate one of the many health care providers all over the world for the efforts displayed by them during the hard times.

Shirin Rouhani is a doctor from Iran's Shohada Hospital in Iran, and she lost her life to coronavirus while saving several other lives from the Covid-19. The rapidly spreading virus has taken several lives in Iran and several have noted the high mortality rate among the health care workers.

The doctor's picture have gone viral as people appreciate her hard work. The image shows her treating her patients while being connected to an IV drip. According to the health ministry in Iran, every ten minutes a person has passed away because of the virus while every hour at least 50 people are being infected with the Covid-19. People have taken to social media and even followed other measures to appreciate the doctors in the world.

Shirin Rouhani
Shirin Rouhani, a doctor from Iran who battled the virus and treated several infected patients Twitter Grab/ @Zehraq4

Netizens and their outpouring support

People have been showing support to health care providers online and offline. Officials have noted that the health care providers are at the greatest risk of the virus and have been seen to have a high mortality rate. Dedicated physicians like Rouhani have been widely applauded by the world for their work during these hard times.

The world is grappling during the Covid-19 spread as nearly 40 countries have been noted to have the disease with some countries being in harder situations. But, Iran is facing hardships also because of the lack of supplies as they are still under sanctions. Iran has confirmed more than 20,000 cases of Covid-19. The officials have launched an urgent call for more medical supplies and equipment.

Countries appreciating health care workers

Several countries have been showing their appreciation through heartwarming measures. In Canada, India, Italy, and Spain took to their balconies and windows to show gratitude to the key workers in the country.

Vancouver, Canada

People have come out of the isolation to the balconies and windows to applaud the efforts by the key worker.


Italy has been facing one of the hardest weeks but the country has still been positive with people uniting against the virus by following the steps.


Spain has also followed steps to show their appreciation to the workers as the country has been applauding the workers the same day as Italy had. Spain has had a drastic increase in the number of viruses and deaths in Phase 3 of the Covid-19.


India took to calling in for Janata curfew on Sunday, March 22, where the citizens from all around the country applauded the key workers. India has detected more than 200 cases.

Other countries like Austria have also taken measures to bring together the nation to show unity and appreciation during the tough times.

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