Who is Scott Merryman? Kansas Man Wants to 'Chop Off Joe Biden's Head' on 'God's Order'

A construction contractor, Scott Merryman said he was 'sent by the God to lop off the head of the serpent Biden.'

A Kansas man told federal agents he was sent by the Gods to 'lop off the head of the serpent Biden,' before being charged with assassination threats to the president. According to a criminal complaint filed Friday, Scott Merryman was intercepted by Secret Service agents in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel after driving from his hometown of Independence, Kansas, to Hagerstown, Maryland, on Wednesday.

According to the complaint first obtained by The Daily Beast, a construction contractor, Merryman, allegedly told agents that he was going to the White House to tell Biden that people were 'fed up with the divisiveness in the country and to turn back to God or go to hell.' He also expressed his intentions to 'cut the head off the snake in the heart of the nation.'

Merryman, however, denied being a threat to the president. Officers also noted that he made several 'comments about God, being guided by God, cloaked in the 'blood of the lamb,' and armored by God.'

Scott Merryman
Scott Merryman Screen grab - Facebook

'I have a bullet with your name on it'

Kansas police first notified the Secret Service that Merryman had informed them that he was going to DC to 'see the president' on Tuesday. When an agent interviewed him over the phone, he claimed he had information for the president regarding the 'Book of Revelations' that God had ordered him to deliver.

According to court documents, agents found three rounds of ammunition in Merryman's backpack. Merryman alleged that God had told him to bring those without explanation. After being further interviewed, Merryman allegedly threatened the agent he had spoken with before telling him 'I have a bullet with your name on it.'

'I'm coming for his b***h a** sleepy Joe'

Merryman also posted a slew of Facebook posts from Tuesday through Thursday, in what officers called an 'increasingly threatening verbiage.'

In a post on Tuesday, Merryman informed that he was 'going on a God led journey to our nations capital.' The next day, alluding to his conversation with the FBI agent ver the phone, he said that he talked to the 'devil on the phone' and told him he was going to 'lop the wicked old serpents head off' with his 'razor-sharp double-edged long sword.'

In one of the posts, he said that Lucifer had sent his agents to talk to him at Cracker Barrel. According to officials, Merryman called the White House and explicitly threatened the president during a conversation with Secret Service agents on Thursday. 'I'm coming for his b***h a** sleepy Joe,' Merryman allegedly said.