Who is Sandra Lee? Does Andrew Cuomo's Ex-Girlfriend Have a New European Boyfriend?

Cuomo met newly divorced Lee at a cocktail party in the Hamptons in 2005 and the relationship became public in 2006 when Lee left California and moved to New York

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Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee is worried about the impact of the bombshell sexual harassment allegations on Andrew Cuomo's three daughters. There are reasons to be. After all, she was the New York Governor's girlfriend for 14 years, till they spilt in 2019. Although she feels cheated by Cuomo, she still loves his daughters.

However, despite showing all the concern, Lee also is known for her impeccable timing when it comes to taking decision about her own life. Just when Cuomo seems doomed to be taken down by his sexual misconduct scandal, Lee has reportedly decided to move on with a new man.

Still Concerned About His Daughters

Sandra Lee
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It's hard to guess what Cuomo thinks about the impact of his sexual harassment allegation on his daughters, but his ex-girlfriend, Lee, definitely is concerned amid buzz that she has already moved on in life with a brand new man. Cuomo has three daughters, Michaela, 23, Cara and Mariah, both 26, from a previous marriage to Kerry Kennedy,

A source told The New York Post: "Sandra has spent her whole life advocating for women, and her thoughts are obviously with these women who have bravely brought these issues to light. She is a woman's woman and a mother first and foremost and her love is with Andrew's daughters, that's the thing that she truly is concerned about."

There are reasons for Lee to be concerned about Cuomo's daughters. After all, she spent 14 years with Cuomo and his daughters and considers them her own. However, even then things ended on a bitter note.

Strained Relationship

Andrew Cuomo with Sandra Lee
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Lee shifted base from New York to California after splitting with Cuomo in 2019. She is presently busy with her show and was last week in Europe, where she appeared at a UNICEF gala in Capri on Saturday. And there is where she was reportedly spotted with her new boyfriend.

That said, Lee despite spending 14 years of her youth with Cuomo, doesn't have too many good memories of their relationship. Cuomo divorced Kerry Kennedy — Bobby Kennedy's seventh child — in 2005 two years after he said he discovered she was having an affair with his close friend, polo player Bruce Colley.

However, soon after that, Cuomo met newly divorced Lee at a cocktail party in the Hamptons in 2005. Their relationship became public in 2006 when Lee left California and moved to New York but then everything ended in 2019 and one of the major reasons behind the split was the Governor's womanizing ways.

An investigation conducted by the New York State Attorney General's office has found that Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women, nine of whom are current or former state employees. Governor Cuomo vehemently denied the findings and has yet to resign despite numerous calls for him to do so.

Some believe that Cuomo pursued at least one illicit affair with a staffer while he was still dating Sandra and many claim it was an "open secret" among staffers.

Who is Lee Dating?

Sandra Lee
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Lee split with Cuomo and since has been alone. Over the past two years, she has been busy with her show and her book but now she seems to have found a new man in her life, just at a time when Cuomo is grappling with accusations of sexual harassment from multiple women, including his aides. Indeed a coincidence.

"I'm having the best summer of my life," Sandra said in a recent interview with People. Although she left many guessing on her comments then, it became somewhat clear last week when she was spotted with the new man in her life.

Sources told Page Six that Lee has gotten together with a European beau, and that the new twosome have been spotted hanging out in St. Tropez this week. On Monday, they dined at the posh L'Opera restaurant, where J. Lo just celebrated her birthday with Ben Affleck, we're told.

"Between her recent birthday, and feeling great and healthy, Sandra feels especially grateful and blessed for her life right now," a source close to Lee told Page Six. The celebrity chef and author will soon be heading on to Monaco for the next leg of her summer tour, according to sources.