Who is Samantha Bee? Pro-Dem Commentator Accused of 'Fanning Anarchy' After Telling People to Raise Hell Over Abortion Ruling

Samantha Bee, a political commentator closely associated to the Democratic party called upon the people to "raise hell" against the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion laws.

Her comments have invited a sharp retort from the social media followers who have accused her of fanning "anarchy" in the country. The Republicans too have reacted strongly to Bee's statement adding that she is being instigative and destructive which does not favor the country or its citizens.

However, the liberals have extended support to Bee's statement as they feel that every democrat should raise protest against the autocratic ruling of the Supreme Court.

Samantha Bee

Is Samantha Bee Fighting for Women's Rights or Promoting Violence?

Bee has openly criticized the Republicans for being on a spree to "curtail" the rights of the US citizens which she said will not be tolerated.

Samantha Anne Bee, 53, is a Canadian-American political commentator, writer, actress, producer, comedian and a television host. Bee became famous after The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

A report published by Fox News stated that cons that conservatives are coming after the rights of US citizens adding, "I can't describe how painful it is to be here now, in a place where the Supreme Court has the power to erase 50 years of constitutional law. Make no mistake, this is not where it ends," Bee warned.

A Twitter user expressed anger stating, "Somebody needs to tell Samantha Bee, if you want to raise hell with a weapon, your fair game, people have the right to self- protection, if your life is threatened you have the right to Protect yourself."

Another user wrote, C'mon@ Justice Department, do your jobs. Make these ppl stop saying these things. What hypocrisy to the ppl that threaten but are not detained or budged to retract."

A tweet read, "This shows the intelligence of some..it wasn't in the Constitution..it was a Supreme Court decision..some elected democrats believe the same.. Samantha Bee tells people to 'raise hell' in response to Supreme Court abortion ruling."