Who is Ruben Ruiz? Uvalde Cop, Husband of Slain Teacher Eva Mirele, Accused of Checking Phone Amid Massacre

Ruben Ruiz, the Uvalde cop, has been accused of using a phone during the massacre in a Video released recently. Ruiz is the husband of Eva Mireles, one of the 21 victims shot dead at Robb Elementary School.

The footage has created a furor on social media as the followers are divided on the "identity" of the official using the mobile phone. A faction of the followers believe that it was Ruiz using the phone and slammed him for his nonchalance and inappropriate behavior at the critical time.

Ruiz's supporters on the other hand stated that he has been "wrongfully identified" adding that the person using mobile phone was some other officer.

The supporters have also referred to the part of the footage which clearly shows that Ruiz tried to go to the classroom to save the children and his wife but was obstructed by his colleagues who took his gun away and removed him from the scene.

Uvalde Cop checking phone

Police Department Ought to Share the Facts; Social Media

Snopes.com in a report published stated that the footage shows an officer in the hallway with a handgun drawn, who at one point pulls a cell phone out of his pocket and looks at the screen. Social media users zoomed in on the image and noticed that the phone's lock screen contained a "Punisher" logo with American flag colors.

A large number of social media users have called upon the police department to address the queries and put an end to the confusion by sharing the facts.

A Twitter user shared, "OK I think I understand... Uvalde school officer Ruben Ruiz was one of the first cops on scene. Around 11:48, his wife, a teacher, called and said she had been shot and was dying. Ruiz tried to force his way into the school hallway but was detained by the other cops and removed."

"I'm not taking this as gospel until I see a reliable source ID the guy, but it looks like it might be Ruben Ruiz checking his phone in that video. if that's the case I really want to know the timeline of that story because the guy supposedly had to be restrained and disarmed," wrote another user.

A tweet read, "Officer Ruben Ruiz communicating with his wife, Eva Mireles a Uvalde teacher who informed him she was shot & dying. Ruiz was disarmed & stopped from saving her & the children. Perhaps those complaining his phone and the logo, should shut the hell up."

"I'm sure you know by now this Ruben Ruiz was checking his Tinder when his wife was bleeding out," read another tweet.