Who is Robert Telles? Las Vegas Democrat Official Arrested Over Murder of Journalist Jeff German

Robert Telles, a Democratic local official in Las Vegas, has been arrested in connection to the killing of a veteran journalist. The Clark County Public Administrator was the subject of Jeff German's, a reporter at Las Vegas Review, investigative reports. Telles' arrest comes days after German was found stabbed to death outside his home.

He was questioned by police as they searched his home for hours. The 45-year-old Democrat had barricaded himself in his home. Telles was carried out of his home on a stretcher and into an ambulance. His connection to the murder after some of German's colleagues witnessed cops arrive at the politician's home Wednesday morning. Detectives, as per the Review-Journal, confirmed that the search warrant of Telles house was related to German's murder.

Robert Telles
Robert Telles arrested for alleged murder of Jeff German The Telegraph

David Roger, former Clark County District Attorney, said the homicide investigators would search a suspect's home for any physical evidence like a knife, gloves or clothing. He believes there are a ton of things that can be done with his case now.

Roger outlined that the investigators' are looking for a drop of Jeff German's DNA in Telles' car, in his house, anything and its over. They could analyze a vehicle to look for blood, or evidence of a recent cleaning. The for district attorney highlighted that any droplet of blood would allow the investigators to extract DNA and compare it to the DNA of German recovered at the time of the autopsy.

Reports of Political Corruption

German was working on investigative reports about Telles' political corruption. He had documented an alleged tumultuous and hostile work environment with the outgoing elected official's office.

Aleisha Goodwin, an estate coordinator in Telles' office, said it has hit them like a realization that they have been in the office with someone who hates them and is capable of violent crime. German had reported in May that Goodwin had filed a confidential retaliation complaint with the Clark County Office of Diversity. His reports highlighted current and former employees disclosing incidents of bullying, emotional distress and favouritism by Telles.

Rita Reid, Telles' top deputy in the office, said Telles was still complaining about German's articles just days before the killing. She shared a text message, "You have not had truly bad bosses if you think I tortured you", with the Review-Journal that he had written on August 28. The employees reached out to German when the county refused to heed their complaints and felt some relief when their stories were told and Telles lost the election.

Telles has denied his employees accusations against him and blamed a handful disgruntled employees.