Who is Ramiro Alanis? Florida Man Reclaims World Record after Watching Spider-Man for 720 Hours

In yet another tale of a crazy movie-buff, Ramiro Alanis from Florida has reclaimed his world record after watching Spider-Man for 720 hours. Alanis had set a world record in 2019 for watching Avengers: Endgame 191 times but had lost this title to Arnaud Klein who watched Kaamelott: First Instalment in theatre 204 times.

The news has resulted in unending chatter on social media. While on one side the younger age group has taken to appreciation, there is a faction of people who have dubbed this act as a "publicity stunt" on the part of the film makers.

Ramiro Alanis Spider-Man movie buff

Is It a Publicity Stunt?

The social media followers have gone to the extent of saying that the claims made by Alanis that he has spent $3,400 on the movie tickets is all made up adding that the film makers must have funded this drama.

The critics further added that this whole race is about generating maximum business and such stunts add to the popularity of the movie, pulling more crowds to the theatres.

According to the report carried by Mail Online Alanis viewed back-to-back screenings of the film till the time, it was screened in theatres.

He was under the supervision of an attendant all the time and was not allowed to take his eyes off the screen. He wasn't even allowed to use his mobile phone.

Reacting to the report, a twitter user shared, "I can only imagine how much money was spent on popcorn. Florida man reclaims world record by watching new Spider-Man 292 times https://mol.im/a/10726299 via https://dailym.ai/android #movies #SpiderMan."

Another user replying to @kirawontmiss stated, "No way home was 148 minutes 148 * 292 times is 720 hours That's basically watching spiderman for 30 days straight, if I ever had to watch any movie for 30 days straight I'd shoot myself in the mouth."

Replying to @CNN, a tweet read, "We all are wondering why anyone would watch a movie, any movie, 292 times! "No way home" was 2hr 28m.That would total about 584++hrs. He must have done it during Covid lockdown? He's unemployed? Or so rich he can throw 584++hrs for Spiderman?"