Who is Rajendra Kalia? UK Cult Leader Faces Rape Charges From Young Female Devotees After Failing to Strike Out Case

A cult leader in the UK has failed to strike out a case worth millions of pounds in damages claimed by his devotees over sexual assault. Rajendra Kalia, a self-styled religious, guru is accused of raping his four devotees. The British Hindu cult leader had declared himself an incarnation of God.

Kalia, 65, has been accused by the Supreme Court of using his power and influence to nurse worshipers as young as four years old at the Baba Balak Nath Temple in Bell Green, Coventry, for three decades.

Rajendra Kalia
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The four women, who are seeking damages, have been suspended from their membership in the Coventry Temple.

Last month, Kalia's lawyer argued to dismiss the case claiming that the accusations were offensive vague, and impractical.

The multi-million-pound civil case was filed in March 2021 at the High Court following the investigation of West Midland police.

Sex Acts Are A Manner of Worship of God

Kalia used to tell his female devotees that sex acts are a manner of worship of God.

One of the victims, named Serena, described how from the age of 4, she was told to bow at Kalia's feet, and he would hug and kiss her in "a highly inappropriate fashion," The Times reported.

Victim Received Acid Attack Threats

She further alleged that in her 20s, Kalia told her that sex acts are "a manner of worship of God".

Previously, police dropped rape charges against Kalia due to the lack of evidence in 2017.

One of the victims in the case has also revealed that she received acid attack threats.

Kalia claimed earlier that he speaks with God regularly as he has direct links with God. The self-styled guru claimed in his YouTube videos that he can make fire from water. He used to charge his devotees $12,621 per session for performing healing miracles.