Who is Preston Haskell IV? Texas Tycoon Faces Jail in UK for Failing to Pay Divorce Deal

Preston Haskell IV, 55, the texas-based property tycoon and the son of billionaire Preston Haskell III, has been sentenced to jail for six weeks in the UK. If he steps his foot in England, he will be sent to prison for failing to pay the first installment of his divorce deal with his ex-wife, Alesia Vladimirovna Haskell.

The Texan millionaire is embroiled in a legal battle with the former Belarusian model, the mother of his three children, for the past five years. Alesia, 40, reached out to the Court of Appeal in London after the couple ended their 13-year marriage in 2016. When the judges heard about the luxurious life of Preston, who hosted parties for Madonna, Elton John, and other celebrities, they ordered the property tycoon to pay $ 8.2 million to his ex-wife in installments.

Divorce Deal of Preston Haskell IV

The first installment of the divorce deal was $ 70,000, which the billionaire's son had to pay in February 2020. Since Alecia did not receive the amount on time, she reached the court again to inform the judges about the breach of orders. The High Court ruled a contempt of court and imposed a prison sentence of six weeks if the Florida construction tycoon's son fails to pay the amount in 14 days.

However, the Belarusian model never received a penny from her former partner. According to her, Preston has no business or dealings in England, and because of it, he may never return. She also revealed that it is impossible to fight a legal battle with him in another country since she has run out of money. The model has been getting help from her friends for all her financial needs.

Preston Haskell IV
Preston Haskell IV is embroiled in a legal battle with ex-wife Alesia Vladimirovna since 2016. Twitter

"He's not afraid of going to jail because he has no plans to come here and doesn't own any properties here, so he has no reason to come. I'm relying on the help of friends and his family but not him. I don't have any more money to fight legal battles in other countries where he has assets. He has never paid to date, and now that we have had the hearing in the Court of Appeal, I have got nowhere else to turn," Alecia told Daily Mail.

Rocky Relationship Between Preston Haskell IV and Alesia Vladimirovna Haskell

Preston met Alecia in Moscow nearly two decades ago, and the couple moved to London after their marriage. They ended their relationship five years back. His infidelity, drug addiction, and drinking habits resulted in their separation, according to his ex-wife. During the divorce hearing, he accused her of being a gold-digger and complained that he has no money.

Mr. Justice Mostyn of the High Court slammed his request and asked him to pay the $8.2 million installments. The court ordered him to send her the last installment by the end of March 2022.