Who is Pori Moni? Bangladesh Arrests Actress Weeks After She Sought PM's Help Over 'Rape and Assault'

Bangladesh's Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) detained well-known film actress Pori Moni on Wednesday and took her into custody following the seizure of 30 bottles of foreign liquor and some blotting papers that are used to distribute LSD, a hallucinogenic drug.

A day after the arrest, reports say that RAB is preparing to file a case under the Narcotics Act against Moni with Banani police station in the capital.

According to the Dhaka Tribune, an RAB team carried out the raid on Wednesday at Pori Moni's home in Banani, Dhaka, based on specific allegations against her, said the force's Legal and Media Wing Assistant Director ANM Imran Khan.

Moni, 28, in a Facebook live video from her verified page claimed that unknown people attacked her house. Moni said those unknown people could be robbers and that she had informed the law enforcement several times but they had not yet come to help her.

Pori Moni
Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni Twitter

Moni Massed Huge Wealth Through 'Immoral Activities'

An RAB official told Dhaka Tribune that several blotting papers for LSD, a hallucinogenic drug, were seized from Pori Moni's residence.

According to PTI News Agency, a senior official said Moni amassed huge wealth through "immoral activities". There was also a live TV footage in which liquor and other types of narcotics were visible on the shelves of her multi-storied house. The raid was conducted in the presence of TV cameras.

A Club Filed a Case Accusing Moni of Vandalizing Their Bar

Pori Moni, whose real name is Samsunnahar Smriti, came to limelight in June after demanding justice in a Facebook live for the alleged torture at Dhaka Boat Club on June 8.

On June 14, she filed a case against businessperson and former Uttara Club president Nasir U Mahmood and five others on charges of attempted rape and murder.

She had sought Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's intervention to bring the "culprits" to justice.

Following this, law enforcers arrested Nasir U Mahmood, who later claimed that Pori Moni and her companions had been in a drunken state on that night.

On June 16, All Community Club President KM Alamgir alleged that Pori Moni and her friends had rampaged at the club late on June 7, reported Dhaka Tribune.

Meanwhile, after interrogation till midnight on Wednesday, Pori Moni is being interrogated again from Thursday morning. During the interrogation, she gave some shocking information and expressed fear about her future, according to Daily Bangladesh.

Pori Moni Arrested
Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni was arrested after 30 bottles of foreign liquor and LSD blotting paper were seized from her house Twitter

Moni's Detention Comes Days After Raids Conducted on houses of 2 Bangladeshi Models

The raid at Moni's house comes days after the Detective Branch (DB) of police detained model and former TV presenter Faria Mahbub Piyasha and model Mou Akter following separate raids at their residences in the capital on Sunday night.

During the raids, contraband drugs and liquor were seized. Police told that the two models arranged drugs for young girls and boys and would take compromising photos of them and later would blackmail them with those photos, reported Daily Bangladesh.

In a shocking development, Nazrul Islam Raz, a friend of Moni, was held for possessing illegal items. Members of RAB arrested Dhalywood film producer and director Nazrul Islam Raz from his Banani house in the capital on Wednesday night in possession of drugs, according to reports.