Who is Pedro Ibarra? Chicago Teacher Jailed for 50 Years for Molesting Minor and Recording the Incident

In a shocking incident, a Chicago based Ex-CPS elementary school teacher was awarded 50 years imprisonment for molesting a child under 13 years and recording the act on his cell phone.

Pedro Ibarra, 48, of Elk Grove Village was indicted for picking up a boy from Hancock County, Indiana, taking him to a hotel and engaging in sexually explicit act. Ibarra also recorded the shameful act on his cell phone.

Pedro Ibarra

Is Pedro Ibarra a Habitual Offender?

A report published by CBS News stated that Ibarra was a CPS teacher at the time of the crime last June, and had taught elementary school students for more than three years, according to prosecutors. The charges were first filed in February in federal court in Indianapolis following which the Hancock County Sheriff's Department arrested Ibarra.

During the course of the investigation, Indiana State Police found sexually explicit images of the victim stored on Ibarra's cell phone. Also, there were photos of him along with another boy who lived in Illinois, and was under age 15, the report stated.

It is learnt that there were many children who were sexually exploited by Ibarra but majority did not report, hence he continued with his "monstrous act". Social media followers while sharing their opinion stated that such incidents should not be hidden by the parents. Instead, they should report them in order to save others from getting exploited and abused by habitual offenders like Ibarra.

A Twitter user wrote, "So CPS teacher Pedro Ibarra was arrested in 2019 after 2 siblings reported he'd touched them inappropriately. Cook County prosecutors rejected felony charges, and he was acquitted of misdemeanors. He kept his job, and last year raped a 13 yo boy in Indiana."

Another user expressed his views adding, "#Democrats will do everything in their power to make this #pedophile out on time served! Former Chicago elementary teacher sentenced to 50 years for sexually exploiting child."

"This is not enough. Pedos should be given life sentences," read another tweet.