Who Is Oxane 'Gypsy' Taub? Paul Pelosi Attacker David DePape's Nudist Ex-Lover Is a Pedophile Who Bought Sex Dolls for Their Sons

Police said in 2019 that Taub continued to act inappropriately with a former friend of her son in spite of a restraining order being issued against her by the boy's family.

Paul Pelosi's attacker David DePape's ex-lover is a nudist pedophile, who attempted to sexually harass and kidnap a 14-year-old boy and bought sex dolls for her sons to use. Oxane 'Gypsy' Taub, 53, has been identified as the former lover of DePape, who was convicted in 2021 for child abuse.

DePape was charged on Friday for attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer after breaking into his San Francisco home. It has now been revealed that DePape's former lover also has a dark past. According to prosecutors, Taub, who once protested naked in front of San Francisco City Hall, tried to lure the boy to meet her.

Weird Lover

Oxane 'Gypsy' Taub
Oxane 'Gypsy' Taub Twitter

Taub, according to prosecutors, had been stalking the boy, sending him emails and messages and trying to lure him to secretly meet with her. According to Michael Shellenberger's Substack, Ryan La Coste, one of Taub and DePape's neighbors, claimed he has long complained about the family's behavior and nudity when children were around.

He also noted that the family keeps a number of sex dolls. "Before Gypsy got locked up, there were sex dolls drying on the back of their porch that I'm assuming she bought for her sons," La Coste said. "They're off the wall."

David DePape
David DePape Twitter

The revelation comes just a day after DePape's daughter, according to a Daily Mail report, claimed that he sexually assaulted her and her two other siblings when they were kids.

According to an article in Oakland Tribune, Taub is a Russian immigrant who is 11 years senior to DePape. Taub and DePape reportedly were married with three children, although DePape's stepfather, Gene, told on Friday that Taub was his stepson's girlfriend and not wife and that David and Taub had two, not three, children together.

Much like DePape, Taub too has a dark past and is a career sex offender. While DePape has been accused of child abuse by his daughter, Taub was found guilty because, according to the police, she had an "obsession" with a child and once wrote to him that they could date in another state.

David DePape
David DePape seen attending a naked wedding Twitter

Police said in 2019 that Taub continued to act inappropriately with a former friend of her son in spite of a restraining order being issued against her by the boy's family.

Authorities claimed that Taub had been writing to the youngster about dating him and had even tried to chat with him as she drove past his house, professing "her love and desire" to be with him.

Sex Crazy

Police claim that Taub afterward asked her son to give the youngster a parcel that contained a note requesting him to meet with her without his phone in it. "This is our last chance to help you,' the letter read. 'Leave your bag and your regular cell phone in the locker."

Oxane 'Gypsy' Taub
Oxane 'Gypsy' Taub seen in police custody Twitter

Police arrived at the time and place of meeting Taub had scheduled her and arrested her after finding her wearing a "disguise". The youngster was allegedly stalked and put in danger, and the court also learned that the frequent harassment had caused him tremendous "mental anguish."

Neighbors also informed Shellenberger that Taub and DePape frequently used the hallucinogenic substance ibogaine, which added to her concerns over Taub's criminal history.

Paul Pelosi

The two, according to a neighbor only known as Tish, would allegedly purchase the medications from Mexico before bringing them back to this country to cure people's mental problems. She claimed that Taub and DePape would misuse the drugs, crying out at night and overheating during trips that seemed to last three days.

In the article titled "Need is great on Thanksgiving Day in the East Bay," published in the Oakland Tribune on Nov. 27, 2008, Taub is Pape, and their three children eating Thanksgiving dinner with the homeless. According to Taub, they weren't there because they couldn't afford to eat at home but rather for the community.

Nancy Pelosi
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Five years later, Taub made headlines once more when she married Jamyz Smith, then 20 years old, in a nude marriage at San Francisco City Hall. DePape, Taub, Smith, and the three kids may be seen snuggled beneath a blanket watching television with the other people in the photo, which was published in The San Francisco Chronicle on December 16, 2013, according to the New York Post.

DePape is referred to as "a family buddy" in the caption. Similar to the Oakland Tribune report, DePape was not quoted and Taub was the main focus.

Ryan La Coste, another of Taub-DePape's neighbors, said that the day after Taub's wedding to Smith, "There was a huge fight. The guy [Smith] that she married got locked up. And so Taub married somebody else. My understanding was that David [DePape] was the best man to her husband at the wedding."

Although headlines claim DePape was an insane far-right conspiracy theorist, his and Taub's political views were far murkier, according to neighbors. They admitted to Shellenberger that the pair flew the LGBT rainbow flag and the Black Live Matter flag in front of their house, but they also claimed that any apparent leftist leanings were superficial and acting.

Given that DePape's daughter, Inti Gonzalez, claimed her father mistreated her and her two brothers and given Taub's criminal history and the former couple's alleged drug use, the picture painted by these circumstances is one of a seriously dysfunctional home.