Who Is North Korea's Mystery Woman? Handbag-Carrying Unidentified Woman Seen With Kim Jong Un; Dictator Welcomed Top Assistant Into Inner Circle

A mystery woman is being seen accompanying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The unidentified female is pictured carrying a handbag with Kim. The woman is believed to be his sister, according to reports.

Pictures released by North Korea's state media KCNA in recent months show the woman standing next to Kim. The woman is seen wearing a plain dark suit and clutching a handbag. She was also given enough media coverage in recent weeks when Kim announced that Pyongyang will never give up weapons.

Kim Jong Un with unidentified woman
Kim Jong Un with unidentified woman Twitter

Woman Could Be Kim Jong-un's Half-Sister

The true identity of the 'assistant' remains unknown but North Korean defectors and NKNews - a US-based organization dedicated to reporting and researching the isolationist nation - have suggested she may be Kim Jong-un's half-sister born in the 1970s, according to Daily Mail.

Kim Jong Un with unidentified woman
Kim Jong Un with unidentified woman NK News

Mystery Woman Could Be Kim Sol-song

The woman is Kim Sol-song, the 48-year-old half-sister of Kim Jong Un, according to North Korean defectors and South Korea's Ministry of Unification. She is expected to be a part of the government. But some experts claimed that Kim Sol-song has never been a public figure in North Korea.

Defector Identifies Her

A defector who worked previously in Kim's government and was also a party secretary there revealed that he saw Kim Sol-song in the flesh multiple times. The defector failed to verify their relationship but his description closely matches with the mystery woman.

Kim Sol-song Never Been A Public Figure In North Korea

If the woman in question is in fact Kim Sol-song she brings a wealth of experience to her role, having served her father - the former leader Kim Jong-il - as an event director before his death in 2011, according to Mail.

Experts have called it a critical position as it involves coordinating Kim's schedule, his security arrangements, protocol, press coverage requirements, and others. It's a top position especially in a country like North Korea as the individual is directly in touch with the leader and manages his public events. .

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