Who is Nina Kapur? CBS Journalist Dies in Mysterious Moped Accident in New York

New York journalist Nina Kapur was riding pillion on a Revel rental moped when the accident occurred.

Nina Kapur, a 26-year-old journalist with the CBS2, died in a moped accident in New York. She was riding pillion and was declared brought dead by the doctors. The accident occurred at an intersection of India Street in Brooklyn borough of New York on July 19. Reports claim that the Revel rented electric moped swerved for no specific reason and she was thrown out of the vehicle. The rider suffered minor injuries but Nina died on the spot.

Nina Kapur
CBS2 journalist Nina Kapur died in a moped accident in New York. Instagram

She was immediately rushed to Bellevue Hospital but was pronounced dead by the doctors. The rider has not been identified but it is said that he is also a 26-year-old.

Ironically, Nina Kapur's last post on Twitter was on July 15, trying to reach out to Revel. "Hi, I have been trying to contact revel support for an hour and a half now, can someone pls help me," she had tweeted.

Nina Kapur tweet
Last Tweet of journalist Nina Kapur Twitter

Riding Without Helmet Cost Nina Kapur Her Life?

It is said that both Nina Kapur and the rider were not wearing helmets. According to CNN, the Revel rental moped service can be ridden up to 30 miles per hour only. The moped cannot be used on highways and major bridges. The company also states that helmets cleaned with COVID-19 effective disinfectants are kept in the trunk of the vehicle.

These mopeds are available for $1 and anyone with driving license and is above 21 years of age can avail of the services. However, no details are available about the man with whom Nina Kapur was riding the 2020 Motorcycle-NIU Revel moped.

Revel is said to have told that it was investigating the incident and also working with the New York Police Department in the case. So far the reason why the moped swerved is not known.

"Nina Will Be Missed For Her Contagious Smile, Passion"

Nina Kapur has been working with CBS since June 2019 and CBS New York anchor Kristine Johnson broke down while reading out the news. She said that Nina would be dearly missed and spoke of her passion for telling stories.

Nina Kapur had graduated from Syracuse University's broadcast and digital journalism program in 2016. Before joining CBS, she had worked with News12 in Connecticut.

News12 staff too expressed their deep condolences over Nina Kapur's death. Suzanne Goldklang of News12 took to Twitter and said that Nina Kapur was vivacious and had big plans for the future. "(She was) funny, fashionable, and often the first person to like a picture on social media. So Hard to comprehend her shocking death," Goldklang said.

CBS colleagues too praised Nina Kapur for her work ethics and said that they will miss her contagious smile. Nina Kapur had been reporting incidents related to COVID-19 in New York. She was also seen doing stories on Black Lives Matter protests.