Who is Nathan Hartono? Here is The Truth Behind Indonesian Singing NDP Song 'Everything I am'

Nathan Hartono clarified that he is a first-generation Singaporean and said that he has never known any other place as home than Singapore

Nathan Hortono
Singaporean singer Nathan Hortono clarified on Facebook on his citizenship after the row with singing the NDP song. Instagram

Singaporeans can't stop speaking about this year's National Day Parade (NDP) song Everything I Am, not because they are mesmerized by it but because they think the performer Nathan Hartono is an Indonesian. Here is the fact behind the claim.

Nathaniel Hartono Xiang popularly known as Nathan Hartono was in for a shock when people started criticizing him and trolling him for singing Singapore's NDP song. Netizens started questioning his nationality and some asked why an Indonesian was made to sing NDP song?

All this started after the NDP song was released on June 14 on Youtube as well as the NDP website. Hurt by these comments, Nathan Hartono took to social media and revealed the fact that he is not a foreigner but a proud Singaporean.

On Facebook, he posted a humorous note explaining his citizenship status. "I'm proud to be a first generation Singaporean. I was born as a Permanent Resident, and raised here by parents who immigrated to this country."

"After serving 2 years of National Service, I was finally able to get a Singaporean citizenship. I've never known any other place as home. And I am thankful for everything this land has given me. Love to you all," he wrote.

Nathan Hartono Facebook
Singaporean singer Nathan Hartono took to Facebook to clarify queries regarding his nationality and citizenship. Facebook

Who is Nathan Hartono?

Nathan Hartono was born in Singapore on July 26, 1991 and is the son of Thomas Hartono, managing director of PT Anandini Vimala, and Jocelyn Tjioe, senior vice-president of Tung Lok Group. He has a brother Norman and younger sister Nydia, both born in Singapore.

Hartono became popular in 2016 after he finished as a first runner-up in the first season of the Chinese reality singing competition Sing! China. Hartono was nominated for The Straits Times "Singaporean of the Year award" in 2017.

Currently he has signed with Warner Music China and Singapore. He stars in theater shows and web series. He has also acted in the film When Ghost Meets Zombie that was released in 2019. He debuted as a singer following his victory in the Teenage Icon singing competition in 2005. His first album LET ME SING was released in 2006.

What is National Day Parade?

The NDP is a national ceremony in Singapore held on August 9 to commemorate the country's independence from Malaysia. Singapore became a sovereign nation on August 9, 1965. However, this year the National Day Parade will not be held due to COVID-19 restrictions.

This year's NDP song, Everything I Am is directed by He Shuming and composed by producer Joshua Wan. The song is about encouraging each other to express gratitude and appreciation.

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