Who is Nabila Razali? The Internet Is Going Crazy About Her New Music Video

Nabila Razali recently released her recent music video Peluang Kedua and here is how netizens reacted to the powerful singer's first ever slow rendition

Nabila Razali became an internet sensation after she released her music video Peluang Kedua meaning second chance on August 18, 2020. Malaysia's popular singer Razali's music video has crossed six million views in one week. However, currently, the song has also attracted an equal number of criticisms and Razali is being slammed for the lyrics of the song.

It looks like this is an effort to downplay Razali as the lyrical video was released on YouTube back in April and has got 12 million views. If the problem was with the lyrics the song should have been criticized four months ago, her fans counter attacked the trolls.

Nabila Razali's First Attempt at Singing an Emotional Ballad

Nabila Razali
Malaysian singer Nabila Razali has become an online sensation after the release of her music video Second Chance Instagram

The Malaysian singer and actress released the music video Peluang Kedua featuring rapper MK from the K-Clique group. The song is being termed as confusing by the netizens. In fact, Razali has sung an emotional ballad for the first time. The slow rendition of the song has not gone down well with a section of the audience as they are used to listening to Razali's songs that are emotionally charged accompanied by fast beat.

Netizens also took Sabahan rapper MK (Muhammad Hairi Amin) to the task and said that it was the worst combo ever. But Razali still has her loyal fans who defended her and stated the facts. Netizens said that apart from millions of views the music video received 280,000 likes and only 12,000 dislikes, proving Razali's strength.

Razali's earlier music videos include hit singles automotive-themed Vroom Vroom and Cemburu meaning Jealous. Razali became popular after she contested in the Academia Fantasia season 10 in 2013.

Owning up to Her Mistake

In June, after releasing the lyrics video of Peluang Kedua, Razali took part in a TV show and performed the song. However, there was a glitch and she was criticized for the performance. But she owned up to her mistake and posted a video apologizing for the same.

"I deeply regret what happened. I was nervous on that night. I knew there were high expectations and I failed in my first attempt. I'd like to thank everyone for their comments, both the negative and positive, and I accept them with an open mind. I have nobody to blame but myself," Razali had said.