Who is the mystery man in Lady Gaga's life? Hint: It is not Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga
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Lady Gaga seems to be moving on from her ex-fiance Christian Carino, but not with the one you think!

Although all eyes would immediately go towards Bradley Cooper since he was rumoured to be dating Gaga, there is a new man in the singer's life.

The Shallow singer was caught locking lips with her monitor engineer Dan Horton after they went on a brunch date in Studio City, California. The two were seen chilling at the city's Granville restaurant. Dan and Gaga have known each other since he started working for her in November 2018.

After Dan posted an Instagram story from a recording studio with the caption, "Gaga's Little Monsters", fans assumed that there is some album of the songstress that's coming out soon.

As for Gaga and Cooper's relationship, they are pretty tight friends. In fact, Gaga was aware of the tumultuous relationship between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk as they filmed A Star is Born.

A source told HollywoodLife.com, "Bradley has worn his heart on his sleeve through his relationship struggles and Gaga was there for him all along the way to listen and provide any advice she could give. Bradley knows her as Stefani (Germanotta) and they built that friendship through filming and they have had many talks because honestly, they both have had relationships that have gone sour. They have experienced similar struggles."

The insider further revealed, "He put so much trust in Gaga and she has helped him quite a bit with many talks because they both have experienced similar parallels with their careers and again in the relationship department. Many think that this will lead to them being a thing but right now that is not the case. Bradley needs a friend and Gaga is really being that for him. She in no way was the reason for the breakup."

Turns out it is just good friendship and nothing else! Meanwhile, Cooper is making good use of the breakup by spending a great deal of his time with his daughter.