Who is Murad Dervish? Former Student Shoots Dead Arizona University Professor Thomas Meixner on the Campus

A former graduate student killed the professor of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, Thomas Meixner, in John W. Harshbarger building of the University of Arizona on October 5.

Murad Dervish, 46, was Meixner's student and the police are investigating the angle of "personal grudge" being the cause behind the crime. The 52-year-old professor was the head at the department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences in the University.

After shooting the professor at 2:06 pm, the accused fled the scene with an intention to leave the state. However, an alert was sounded and he was taken into custody by the Department of Public Safety at a traffic stop near Gila Bend, Balafas at around 5 PM.

The professor was taken to Banner University Medical Centre where he died during the treatment.

Murad Dervish

Murad Dervish Entered the University Campus with an Intent to Kill

A report published by The Daily Wildcat stated that the University of Arizona Police Department organized a press conference. UAPD Chief of Police Paula Balafas the department received a call at 1.59 pm to escort a person out of the Harshbarger building. The cops received a call about the shooting while going towards the Harshbarger building.

Another report published by New York Post referred to Tuscon.com which reported that a UA faculty who was in the same building had heard 7-10 gunshots. Soon after the gunshots, the students and staff were asked to take shelter.

There was a panic in the university following the incident and the classes were suspended for the rest of the day. Also, the campus was put under lockdown. The lockdown was lifted after a few hours but students, staff and other people were asked to steer clear of the Harshbarger building.

A large number of university professors, staff and students have taken to social media expressing disbelief and fear over the shooting incident. In addition to expressing their pain, the faculty is scared about their safety. Some even stated that Dervish entered the campus with an intent to kill the professor.

A faction of social media followers called upon the educational institutions to accentuate on counselling so as to deal with the disgruntled students. have even demanded a proper checking of the individuals entering the campus.