Who is Mohammed Khalifa? Lead Translator and Narrator in ISIS Propaganda Videos Who Executed Two Syrian Soldiers Gets Life Sentence

Mohammed Khalifa, 39, the lead translator and narrator in ISIS's propaganda videos who executed two Syrian soldiers was awarded life sentence by a U.S. judge on Friday.

Khalifa, a Saudi-born Canadian, left his country in 2013 and went to Syria where he actively worked for ISIS for six years. In 2019, Khalifa surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and was sent to the U.S. and pled guilty to conspiring to support ISIS in December 2021.

Mohammed Khalifa

Was Khalifa Responsible for Multiple Killings?

Using his articulation skills, Khalifa became the key player for the Islamic State Group in successful recruitment of thousands of foreign fighters to safeguard the interests of self-proclaimed caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

Amongst other horrific videos of kidnappings followed by executions, Khalifa was the man who publicized the group's beheading of hostages including American journalist James Foley.

Social Media platforms have been flooded with messages condemning Khalifa, simultaneously appreciating the U.S. law. A group of social media followers have expressed their apprehension over the fact that he was responsible for only two executions adding that he could have killed many hostages.

CBS News in a report published on Monday stated that as per the FBI's affidavit, Khalifa told FBI agents that he expected to join an ISIS training camp in 2013. But looking at his communication skills in English he was recruited in the organization's media department where he spent nearly five years as a leader in their propaganda unit.

The same unit was behind the production of videos of foreign hostages being executed, including U.S. journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff who were decapitated in 2014, the reports stated further.

"I am glad 39 years old Saudi born Canadian terrorist, #MohammedKhalifa was prosecuted in USA and was given life sentence-otherwise, @JustinTrudeauLiberal judges would have bailed him out in #Canada and Trudeau would awarded him millions," wrote a Twitter user.

Another Twitter user expressed his views by writing: "Mohammed Khalifa (isn't that something you'd yell at a Vulcan wedding?) sounds like a truly horrible person, but sentencing someone to life for producing propaganda videos and considering murder secondary is disturbing."