Who is Mimi Israelah? A Daring Trump Supporter Showed "White Privilege Card Trumps Everything" to Avoid Ticket for Traffic Violation

Mimi Israelah, an Alaskan woman of Philippino ethnicity dared to show a white privilege card instead of driving license when stopped by two cops for traffic violation in Anchorage. The woman had returned to Anchorage after attending a Trump rally in California last month. Interestingly, the cops on duty took this in a lighter vein and let the woman go without any penalty. The news has created a furore on social media invitation retort from the followers.

Soon after the incident, Mimi took to the social media and shared a post bragging about her achievement that landed the officers concerned in thick soup. The novelty card read "White Privilege Card Trumps Everything".

The video shot by Mimi herself which she shared on social media has gone viral and people from different segments of society have expressed their shock and resentment on the incident. A faction social media followers has also pointed out that cops deal strictly with even the minor offenses causing grave injuries and on such occasions they just let go of the "offenders".

Mimi Israelah

Are Trump Supporters Allowed to Commit Blunders and Brag About the Same? Social Media Questions

In a report published by New York Post it was stated that an officer can be heard calling the card "hilarious" in a video reportedly shot by Israelah and reposted to Twitter. The officers, identified as Nicholas Bowe and Charles Worland, let Israelah go without issuing her a citation for driving without a license. Anchorage Police Deputy Chief Sean Case said many people felt the interaction was inappropriate, the report stated further.

A faction of social media followers even questioned the Police Department over the role of cops in the incident, demanding a strict action. Some even condemned Trump and his supporters accusing them of committing blunders and then bragging about the same.

A Twitter user expressed his resentment adding, "I hope she got her card stamped. You get a free AR15 with every five DWI stops near an elementary school. Woman shows cops 'white privilege' card instead of license in Alaska traffic stop."

"These #Alaska cops should be #Fired !!!! The GOP is composed of a bunch of #Nazi freaks," wrote another user.

"Alaska police pull over a woman, let her go when she literally presents a "white privilege" card. Meanwhile in Grand Rapids, police shoot a black motorist in the back of his head during a traffic stop. America, what the f-ck is wrong with you?" read a tweet.