Who is Michael Novogratz? Miley Cyrus Performs at Private Bash For Crypto Billionaire

Miley Cyrus, who gave a stellar performance last weekend in Chicago by belting out her hit numbers, flew to the Hamptons home to perform a private gig for the crypto and stock market billionaire Michael Novogratz.

The pop star took the stage at the Hamptoms home in a glittery red jumpsuit with a black pantyhose and accessorized her look with a silver chain across her waist with a design of four leaves and sported large silver ear rings as she left her blonde locks open.

Miley Cyrus Michael Novogratz Private Gig Hamptons
Instagram grab / Miley Cyrus

Miley also shared a clip from the private gig on her Instagram stories wherein she is seen crooning and dancing to her hit number 'Eat my p***y!' and wrote in the caption, ''Some hoe in the Hamptons said...''

Who Is Michael Novogratz?

Mike Novogratz is a former ex-hedge fund manager who made a fortune by hedging stocks and entered the cryptocurrency market a few years ago, raking in billions from hefty investments.

It is reported that Novogratz's primary focus in minting money is in Bitcoin and Ethereum. He makes his investments through the Galaxy Investment Partners, in which he is the CEO.

He also held the position of President at Goldman Sachs Latin America and looked after the currencies and commodities risk in Asia.

Forbes reported that Mike was ranked a billionaire in 2007 but lost most of his fortunes during the 2008-2009 financial crisis that led to a market crash wiping out most of his wealth during that period.

However, he regained his wealth post 2010 after he began investing in cryptocurrencies and held on to his billionaire status. Reports state that he is one among the whales in the crypto market and his investments on either buy or sell can affect the indices.

Mike revealed in 2016 that 20% of his income comes from Bitcoin and Ethereum and made a profit of $250 million in that year. In 2017, he made a profit of $136 million from cryptocurrencies. However, he fell short to match the previous year's profit due to the market crash.

Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, there in no information if Mike has invested in the newer alt coins segment. As of 2021, it is reported that Michael Novogratz's net worth stands at $7.25 billion.