Who is Matt McIlravy? Texas Mayor and Teacher Arrested for Online Solicitation of a Minor

The Mayor of Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas, Matt McIlravy, was arrested and sent to prison for online solicitation of a minor on Tuesday.

McIlravy, 42, who is also a teacher, is being condemned widely by the social media followers who feel that he should be dealt with stringently. Married and a father of two, McIlravy is a qualified design engineer who was recently elected as a Mayor of Pilot Point.

More shocking being the fact that he is also a leader of a men's prayer meeting group.

Mayor of Pilot Point Matt McIlravy

Is Matt McIlravy Guilty of More Sex-Crimes Against Minors?

Following the reports of his illegal activities, the Dallas police was investigating his case for last five months as has been reported by The Dallas Morning News. The report further stated that the investigation also pointed towards McIlravy's communication with other minors. The investigating teams comprised of officials from U.S. Marshals Task Force, Texas Department of Public Safety and Collins County District Attorney's Office.

Though his social media accounts do not show any of the political affiliations, he is being linked to the Texas Governor Greg Abbott. A faction of social media followers has stated that his association with Abbott will not remain hidden and will come out in open.

Some of the people who have been closely associated with McIlravy too have expressed shock and disappointment over the news, demanding a stern action against him.

McIlravy has also been labelled as "pedophile", "sexual predator", "pervert", "child abuser" and "sex maniac" on various social media platforms.

"Mayor of Pilot Point arrested for soliciting a minor And another one down. And by the way all you dumb fellows who stupidly for some reason go on those apps on your phones, showing young girls, DO NOT DO IT. Especially if your dumb enough to be intoxicated," read a tweet.

A Twitter user lambasted McIlravy stating, "PERVS GOT BUSTED! #saveourchildren Texas mayor and teacher Matt McIlravy arrested for soliciting child online #SmartNews."

Another Twitter user wrote, "@abbott this your friends Texas mayor and teacher Matt McIlravy arrested for soliciting child online #SmartNews."

"Texas mayor & teacher Matt McIlravy arrested for soliciting child online - This S.O.B. is busted. Charged with a second-degree felony," shared a Twitter user.