Who is Mandela Barnes? Wisconsin Democrat Lt. Gov. Called Traitor for Fourth of July Comment Saying USA Founding Was 'Awful'

A video of Lt Governor of Wisconsin and US Senate candidate Mandela Barnes calling the founding of America as "terrible and awful" has gone viral on social media. The Democrat is being trolled on social media for his comments.

Barnes made the above comments while addressing an audience during a talk show in Milwaukee as he discussed America's origin. Not just that, Barnes also stated that Americans should work towards amending the harms of the past.

The fact that the statement was made two days prior to US'S Independence Day, a large faction of social media followers has called him a "traitor" and have called for his dismissal from the Democratic party.

Lt Governor of Wisconsin Mandela Barnes

Republicans Call Democratic Party a Bunch of Thankless Citizens

Also, Barnes has given ammunition to the Republicans who have left no stone unturned to ridicule Democratic Party. Democrats are being dubbed as a bunch of thankless citizens.

A report published by Fox News stated that Barnes while elaborating remarked, "These harms include slavery and colonization, the impacts of which "are felt today. They're going to continue to be felt unless we address it, in a meaningful way," Barnes added.

A Twitter user expressed resentment stating, "Wisconsin pay attention this is who Mandela really is !!! Time to boot him from politics he is not good for us!! Wisconsin Democrat Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes says founding of America 'awful'."

"This TRAITOR doesn't deserve to be in office ! The DEMOCRATS always have America-hating assholes in their party & support them ! The DEMOCRATS are a DIRECT THREAT TO US," wrote another Twitter user.

A tweet read, "Wisconsin Democrat Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes says founding of America 'awful' Lt Gov Barnes, you are welcome to go to another country anytime, get the f-ck out!"

"Wisconsin Democrat Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes says founding of America 'awful'. Yes we made a mistake and should have after the civil war returned the lot of you back to Africa. Great s**thole! Then America would truly be great! You and yours are nothing but trouble. Watch the news!" read another tweet.