Who made the first move in Kim So Yeon, Lee Sang Woo relationship? Actress spills the beans

Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo met on the sets of their MBC family drama, Happy Home.

Kim So Yeon looks like completely engrossed in her new found love, Lee Sang Woo. The 35-year-old actress, who just started dating her Happy home co-star, believes that the both of them were meant to be together.

So Yeon seems to have a deep feeling for the actor, which she hinted in her exclusive interaction with Sports DongA. The actress could not stop gushing about Sang Woo: "The more I meet him, the more I realize that he's always the same. He's very sincere. He's exactly the same the first day I met him and the last day I met him. He's manly and reliable," she said.

So Yeon revealed that Sang Woo's incredible personality made her and her family fall for him. She added: "He not very talkative but he tells me lots of funny stories. And most importantly, my family likes him a lot because you can tell he's a great guy just from seeing him on the TV. My family probably found out today. We never said that we're officially dating."

The pair reportedly started developing feelings for each other on the sets of their family drama, Happy Home. As per an insider quote, the actors' infatuation grew in the middle of the series and began dating by the end of the show.

When asked to reveal the person who actually made the first move, the We Got Married star relayed that the attraction was mutual: "Without really pinpointing who made the move first, we just sort of came to be together. It's really only been a couple days [since we got into a relationship]. We were also able to grow closer when we filmed a commercial together," So Yeon stated.