Who Is Lisa Marie Tse? Scottish Nurse Is Crowned 'Miss Hong Kong 2020'

The 25-year-old Lisa Marie Tse is not fluent in Cantonese, but she won over the audience's heart with a performance of the Chinese song "Shanghai Tang"

A British-born model, Lisa Marie Tse, has shocked many after being crowned as Miss Hong Kong 2020.

She was born in Scotland in 1995 and became a surgical nurse. But recently the 25-year-old nurse was awarded the 48th Miss Hong Kong pageant winner and earned the title of 'Miss Photogenic' during the beauty contest. She called her win a "dream come true" and said she wants to start acting on television.

Lisa's mother is Scottish, while her father is from Hong Kong. After winning the pageant she took it to Instagram and wrote, "The past few weeks have been the most hectic, but amazing weeks of my life. I have learned so much, grown as a person, and really couldn't have done this without your support."

"I am still in complete shock. Hong Kong has always held a special place in my heart and I cannot wait to take this opportunity to continue to spread love and joy," she added. Thinking about her father and his support, Lisa wrote that "And lastly, to my dad, we've done it!!"

Fan Favorite

Lisa, 5-ft 2-in tall pageant winner, lacks fluency in Cantonese but still she the British-born model was a fan favorite to win the Miss Hong Kong crown. During the contest, the former surgical nurse won over the audience's heart with a performance of the Chinese song "Shanghai Tang".

She graduated from the Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, and then began working as a nurse in a Scottish hospital. Lisa said when she was 17, her father encouraged her to visit Hong Kong and participate in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. "But I was not interested at the time, since I have so many friends in Scotland," she said. Lisa was the only overseas finalist to make the top 10 in the contest. As per her, now she wants to build her career in Hong Kong.

After winning the pageant Lisa received several comments from her fans. Some of the fans said they suspected that she would win the contest. One of them congratulated her and said, "You were amazing from the beginning to the end. Well-deserved win indeed", while another netizen wrote, "Keep on spreading lots of love and joy to us in the future Lisa Marie."

Miss Hong Kong 2020
Lisa Marie Tse, Miss Hong Kong 2020 Instagram
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