Who is the leader of YG Entertainment's girl band, Black Pink ?

Black Pink consists of four member members: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé.

Newly incepted girl group, Black Pink, boasts of its equality among members, with no one appointed as a definite leader of the band. While the girls take decisions with a mutual consent, YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk states that this feature makes the band stand out.

During the showcase of Black Pink's debut album, Square One, the media mogul revealed that the group is unique and do not require a leader. "There were many groups that YG birthed, and we decided to go without a leader for Black Pink. The group never had a leader from the get-go. Because the four of them spent such a long time together, whenever a project is suggested to them, they discuss it together for the results," he stated.

Furthermore, the CEO of YG Entertainment, who feels proud of incepting a girl group after seven long years, also expressed his concerns over the success of the group. He relayed: "I'm nervous about whether [BLACKPINK] will do well, but I have faith that they will." Elaborating further: "It's not that we didn't put in a lot of work for WINNER or iKON. Through doing two survival programs, we ended up putting a lot of effort into them," Hyun Suk told Soompi.

He added: "In BLACKPINK's case, there was nothing like a program [prior to their debut], so it's true that we are more concerned about them. As a joke, I told Teddy, 'I think creating a girl group is five times harder [than creating a boy group]. There's a lot to be careful about and advise [the girls] about."