Who is Laurent Simons? 9-year-old child genius to graduate from Belgian college

This "extraordinary" student plans to do a PhD program in electrical engineering while also working for a degree in medicine.

Laurent Simons
Instagram grab/Laurent Simons

A 9-year-old child genius from Belgium is all set to create a record by graduating from college next month, according to a new report. Laurent Simons, who is studying electrical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, will finish his degree by December, CNN reported.

Simons - described by staff as "simply extraordinary" - plans to embark on a PhD program in electrical engineering while also working for a degree in medicine. Several prestigious universities around the world have already offered to recruit Laurent. However, his parents, Lydia and Alexander Simons, are yet to disclose where he will pursue his next degree.

In an interview with CNN, Laurent's parents said that the child's gift was first recognized by his grandparents.

"They noticed something very special about Laurent," Lydia said. Following this, the child's teachers confirmed he was no ordinary student.

"They told us he is like a sponge," Alexander told CNN. "The absorption of information is no problem for Laurent. I think the focus will be on research and applying the knowledge to discover new things."

Joking about the talent her son has, Lydia said: "I ate a lot of fish during the pregnancy," Lydia joked.

Sjoerd Hulshof, education director for the electrical engineering bachelor's program at the university, told CNN that Laurent is "simply extraordinary."

"Laurent is the fastest student we have ever had here," he said. "Not only is he hyper intelligent but also a very sympathetic boy."

"Special students that have good reasons for doing so can arrange an adjusted schedule," he told the network. "In much the same way we help students who participate in top sport."

Laurent is evidently able to learn faster than most, but his parents want him to enjoy himself too.

"We don't want him to get too serious. He does whatever he likes," said Alexander. "We need to find a balance between being a child and his talents."

Before deciding as to what to do next, Laurent plans on taking a vacation to Japan.