Who is Larry Ben Thompson? Georgian Police Officer Resigns After His Tik Tok Video Having Sex While In Uniform Becomes Viral

A Tik Tok video of a Georgian cop, Larry Ben Thompson, having sex off of White Oak Road in Millen has gone viral on social media, causing embarrassment to the police department.

The video shot by a passerby from a tower in the vicinity of this particular area was uploaded on a Tik Tok account on March 20.

Unable to give an explanation for his blatant act, Thompson voluntarily submitted his resignation on March 21.

Georgian cop Larry Ben Thompson

Viral Video Gets 12 Million Views

According to the report carried in WSBTV.com, this video shows Larry Ben Thompson having sex while in uniform with an unidentified person. The user posted the video with the caption "police caught on cam #towerclimbers #police #dirtydeeds #ga."

Before being removed from the social media, the video had gone viral and received 12 million views.

The Police Chief Dwayne Herrington, while speaking to WRDW, did not have a straight answer, instead stated that he had to meet Thompson about a video but did not confirm which video was he referring to. The police chief said that the investigating was on.

However, Thompson handed over his resignation on March 21.

It is noteworthy that the cop in question is not a first time offender as in 2017, Thompson had allegedly shot a fellow officer in the arm claiming that the weapon got jammed which was not so.

Thereafter, in 2019 Thomson was involved in reckless driving that caused an accident, killing an old man driving the other vehicle.

"A Georgia cop shot another cop in the arm in 2017, killed a man by slamming into his car at 86mph in 2019, and harassed an ex using a police database. But it was a TikTok of him having sex on the job that finally forced him to quit, @sloaneocone reports," shared a twitter user.

Another user narrated the incident stating, "A Georgia police officer has resigned after a TikTok video surfaced showing him engaging in sexual activity while on the job. The video shows an open field with patches of dirt, bushes & a nearby cemetery, and the cop having sex in the back of the car."

"Before resigning after the video of him having sex on the job went viral, this cop had killed a 76-year-old he t-boned at 86 MPH, had a "negligent discharge" of his gun that hit a colleague, & ran the tags of an ex he was harassing to find her new address," wrote another user.