Who killed Vincenzo Lirosi? New Hampshire Student, 22, Found Dead in Woods After Fight at Frat Party

The body of a 22-year-old University of New Hampshire student was found in the woods following a fight at a frat party, which his friends claim was very 'out-of-character' for him.

The body of a 22-year-old University of New Hampshire student was found in the woods nearly 36 hours after he was reported missing. According to DailyMail, the deceased identified as Vincenzo Lirosi went missing after being involved in a fight at a frat party, that his friends said was extremely out-of-character for him. Lirosi's body was found close to campus in a marshy area.

A Whitman, Massachusetts resident, Lirosi's body was found around 1:20 pm on Sunday, December 5. His wallet was found in a parking lot while his mobile phone was found at the fraternity house where he was partying the night he went missing. The cause of death is not known at the moment. Officers, however, are not treating Lirosi's death as suspicious.

Vincenzo Lirosi's friend, Jordan Blanchard told WMUR that he disappeared after a night of drinking at a frat party, where he was involved in a fight. "It's pretty uncharacteristic of him[Lirosi]," said Blanchard. No details on what prompted the fight, who was the other party involved, and whether it got physical were known at the moment.

Vincent Lirosi
Vincenzo Lirosi Screen grab - Facebook

Vincenzo Lirosi was kicked out of the party

According to Blanchard, Lirosi was kicked out of the frat house following the fight in the early hours of Saturday morning. Lirosi, instead of going home, went into the woods. He was last seen walking on a wooden path at around 1 am on Saturday. It was a well-known shortcut he would often take to reach his home. When his friends couldn't get hold of him, Lirosi was reported missing about two hours later.

"We started to think how he [Lirosi] would think, and we started walking through the woods on different trails," Blanchard said, before adding that their efforts went in vain as they couldn't find him. A helicopter was deployed in the search for the missing boy by the New Hampshire State police, while the Durham police used a K-9 and thermal drone to search woods. A cause of death of will be released following the autopsy.

Vincenzo Lirosi
Vincenzo Lirosi Durham Police Department

University issued a statement

The university released a statement on Vincenzo Lirosi's death on Sunday night paying condolences to the victim's family. "This is a very sad day for our community and right now we are focused on providing the support and resources needed for everyone who knew him or is impacted by his death," the statement said. The university further instructed the teachers to be considerate to students and provide accommodations for assignments and attendance in wake of the terrible tragedy.