Who Killed Meghan Marohn? Body of Missing 42-year-Old New York Teacher Found in Massachusetts Woods

A New York teacher, Meghan Marohn, who was reported missing in March has been confirmed dead after a body was found in the woods of Massachusetts. A civilian stumbled across partial human remains in a heavily wooded area near Fox Drive, the Massachusetts State Police said. The police also located additional remains believed to be those of Marohn.

The 42-year-old had vanished in the Berkshires hiking area at Longcope Park on March 27. Her black 2017 Subaru Impreza was found parked on Church Street at Longcope Park, about 50 miles south of Delmar. The teacher's friends and family launched the search for her. Marohn's remains have been found five months later in the nearby woods.

Peter Naple, Marohn's brother, told The Berkshire Eagle last week that even though they are going to continue to determine that those are Meghan's remains, they are fairly certain that it's her's. He said the family is heartbroken.

Naple, in a GoFundMe page, had described Meghan as a devoted and passionate high school English teacher, poet, artist, and a concerned environmentalist who displays deep passionate in all her endeavours. He said she is charismatic, witty and a genuinely loving and beautiful person whom he misses dearly.

Meghan Marohn
The remains of Meghan Marohn was found in the woods in Massachusetts. MassLive.com

Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist who is Marohn's friend, wrote in a blog post in July that Meghan's car was found unlocked and a number of personal items, including her daily diary, her good luck stuffed animal Bun, her computer, wallet, book that she was reading and her cell phone, were missing.

He said she had gone into hiding to escape a man who she said had brutally harassed and intimidated her because she wouldn't sleep with him. Hedges wrote Meghan was too afraid to stay at home, especially when she saw him drive by her house. He added that she was granted a leave from teaching and camped out at The Red Lion in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

The teacher was last seen on March 27 on a cold, snowy and windy day. The police are continuing with their investigations into the case and have not said how Marohn died.