Who is Kevin Morris? White House Concerned About Hunter Biden's Lawyer Who Spied on Producers Making Movie on Him

The White House is believed to be concerned about Hunter Biden's lawyer Kevin Morris, who is accused of spying on producers making a movie on the First Son's controversial life. People close to President Joe Biden fear that Morris' aggressive defense of Hunter could create challenges for his father.

Hunter Biden, Kevin Morris and Joe Biden
Hunter Biden, Kevin Morris and Joe Biden Twitter

Morris Gave Hunter Biden a $2 Million Loan

Officials in the Biden administration are also worried over the loan that Morris gave to Hunter. They are concerned that the lawyer gave Hunter $2 million-plus loan to pay off his debts and for his living expenses because it potentially echoes the cash Hunter received while serving on the board of a Ukrainian oligarch's company and pursuing deals with a Chinese tycoon, reported New York Times said.

What Does Biden Administration Want?

People close to the president want Hunter to stay out of the controversies and resolve a grand jury probe, which is centered on the violation of lobbying laws by him, tax evasion, and money laundering, in Delaware.

Morris has been also accused of spying on the producers and filmmakers who are making a movie on Hunter Biden.

Morris Spied on a Movie Set

Producers and makers related to the 'My Son Hunter' movie on Tuesday claimed that the lawyer spied on the film's set in Serbia.

Morris and two associates flew on a private jet to the film's set in Serbia and were given complete access to the making as the lawyer claimed they were making a documentary about Hunter Biden's corruption, according to one of the producers of 'My Son Hunter' Phelim McAleer.

But when McAleer became aware of Hunter and Morris' relations s he started reevaluating the visit.

The producer said that they seemed to never switch the camera off because he believes that it was an information-gathering exercise by a lawyer and his associates for their client, according to the New York Post.