Who is Joseph Beecher? Man Kidnaps Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Housekeeper at Gunpoint

Joseph Beecher, 48, rammed his truck the gates of Michael Bloomberg's Colorado mansion and abducted his housekeeper.

An armed man stormed former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Colorado ranch and abducted his housekeeper because he wanted 'make an international scene' with the billionaire or his daughters. The man was identified as 48-year-old Joseph Beecher.

Beecher allegedly crashed his truck through the $45 million ranch's gate and kidnapped housekeeper Amanda Edinger at gunpoint on Wednesday. According to court documents, he made her drive him through metro Denver and into Wyoming in her vehicle, after attempting to hide his truck in an embankment.

Edinger claimed that he forced her to withdraw money from an ATM and made 'many threatening statements.' Cops found Beecher along with his hostage Edinger at a Cheyenne motel on Thursday. Beecher was said to be armed with an AR-15 and a handgun.

Joseph Beecher (L) and Michael Bloomberg
Joseph Beecher (L) and Michael Bloomberg Screen grab - AP/Instagram

The kidnapper kissed the hostage on forehead

According to court documents, Beecher told Edinger he had gone to the local airport during the summer to look for Bloomberg. He also allegedly enquired the housekeeper about the whereabouts of Emma and Georgina, Bloomberg's daughters. An arrest affidavit noted that Edinger told the police that Beecher kissed her on the forehead and told her he would've killed her had she been a man.

Housekeeper Amanda Edinger
Housekeeper Amanda Edinger Screen grab - Colorado Bureau of Investigations

The kidnapper had no connection with the Bloomberg family

Police noted that Beecher had no connection whatsoever with the Bloomberg family or the housekeeper. He lived about 70 miles from the Bloomberg home, worked as a handyman in exchange for accommodation but was fired just a day before the kidnapping.

Beecher was jailed in Wyoming. He is facing federal kidnapping charges. Bloomberg's spokesman Ty Trippet expressed gratitude to the Rio Blanco County Sheriff's office, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Wyoming law enforcement, the FBI, and other individuals for their 'swift and heroic action' making sure that 'no lives were lost and that the victim has been rescued and safely returned to her family.'

An exact cause behind the suspect's actions is not known at the moment.