Who Is John Tyson? Tyson Foods CFO Arrested for Drunkenly Entering Stranger Woman's Home and Sleeping in Her Bed

According to a police report, a college-age woman who didn't know Tyson allegedly discovered him asleep in her bed at around 2 am on Sunday.

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Tyson Foods Chief Financial Officer John R. Tyson was arrested in Arkansas on Sunday after allegedly getting drunk and falling asleep in a stranger's house. Tyson, 32, who is the son of the company's chairman, John. H. Tyson, was charged with public intoxication and trespassing and booked in Washington Country jail.

According to the preliminary arrest report, Tyson, 32, was found dozing off at a home in Fayetteville's 400 block of North Mock Avenue at 2:05 a.m. on Sunday. He was discovered sleeping in the bed by the woman who lives in the house, following which police were called. Tyson's headquarters is in Springdale, 10 miles northeast of Fayetteville.

Too Drunk to Be in His Senses

John Tyson
John Tyson Twitter

According to a police report, a college-age woman who didn't know Tyson allegedly discovered him asleep in her bed at around 2 am on Sunday. According to local television station KNWA/Fox24, Tyson couldn't verbally speak to police and his breath smelled alcohol.

Police were informed by the woman about a potential burglary, saying she believed she left the front door unlocked and returned home to find "a male she did not know asleep in her bed."

John Tyson
John Tyson at the Sheriff's office after his arrest Twitter

Tyson was recognized by an ID in his wallet when a police officer saw his clothes on the ground.

According to the report, when the officer woke Tyson up, he sat up in bed but did not speak. He momentarily stood up before lying back down and attempting to fall asleep, according to the report.

He smelled of alcohol from his breath and body, according to the officer, and his motions were "sluggish and uncoordinated."

John Tyson
John Tyson seen in orange pants and shirtless in the Sheriff's office Twitter

Tyson was detained on suspicion of criminal trespass and public intoxication when it was discovered that he had not been invited to stay at the home and was not known to the residents, according to the authorities.

Big Embarrassment

He was seen wearing orange pants and without a shirt on at the Sherriff's office. According to booking records, he was released on a $415 bond after being booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Sunday evening. He has a Dec. 1 court date.

Tyson Foods
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Tyson Foods stated that it was aware of the occurrence but had no further comment as it was a "personal matter."

Tyson is a fourth-generation member of the Tyson family and the son of the company's chairman, John H. Tyson. According to CNBC, he was appointed CFO in late September. His family is worth an estimated $3.3 billion.

The young Tyson joined the family business in 2019 after working in investment banking at JP Morgan as well as in private equity and venture capital. He is also a lecturer at the University of Arkansas's business school. He obtained an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford.

Tyson Foods
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The corporation, founded three generations ago, is worth $24 billion, while the Tyson family is reported to be worth $3.3 billion. He is the youngest Chief Financial Officer working for a Fortune 500 or S&P 500 corporation, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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