Who is John Doe? Panama Papers Whistleblower Says Russia Wants Him Dead

The whistleblower behind the Panama Papers revelations is claiming that Russia wants him dead. John Doe has stated that he lives his life with a risk as he is aware of the fact that Moscow "wants me dead". Doe has evidence of financial irregularities committed by Russian officials and information about their allies who fund the Ukraine war.

The Panama Papers revealed major tax evasion and fraud across the world. The person behind the leak, who is known by pseudonym John Doe, was interviewed by Germany's Der Spiegel on Saturday.

Panama Papers
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Russian Government Wants Doe Dead

When asked that Russia might seek revenge over the Panama Papers revelation, Doe replied that "it's a risk that I live with, given that the Russian government has expressed the fact that it wants me dead."

Doe told Der Spiegel that before "Russia Today's media presence was curtailed due to Russia's attack against Ukraine, it aired a two-part Panama Papers docudrama featuring a "John Doe" character who suffered a torture-induced head injury during the opening credits, after which a cartoon boat sailed through the pool of his blood, as though it were the Panama Canal. However bizarre and tacky, it was not subtle."

Putin Is More Of A Threat To US Than Hitler Ever Was

The whistleblower also revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is more of a threat to the United States than Hitler ever was, and shell companies are his best friend. It's the shell companies that are funding Russia's war in Ukraine and helping Putin to target shopping centers and kill civilians.

But Doe appeared to be dissatisfied with Germany and the US as the countries have not shown much interest in the Panama Papers leak and didn't take any concrete measures against tax evasions.

"Instead, they are focused on yachts. Frankly, yachts do not matter very much, beyond symbolic value. Offshore companies and trusts matter. Sanctions are one important tool but there are others," said Doe told Der Spiegel.

The whistleblower stated that the US could raid some of the offshore incorporators' offices on American soil to send the signal that this type of activity is no longer acceptable. "It would be easy for them to do. But it hasn't happened."

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