Who is Ji Chaoqun? Former Chicago Graduate Student Convicted of Spying for the Chinese Government

Ji Chaoqun, a former Chicago graduate, was convicted of spying for the Chinese government on Monday. He stole valuable information and top secrets about aerospace technology, artificial intelligence, and even aircraft carriers from US and shared it with the Chinese Government.

Ji, who studied in Illinois Institute of Technology, was spying for the Chinese intelligence wing MSS. He was arrested four years ago but all through the interrogations, he failed to show any reaction and kept his hands folded on the defense table. Also, he heard the verdict on headphones through a Chinese interpreter.

Ji Chaoqun

Did Ji Chaoqun Get Support from a US National?

A report published by Chicago Tribune stated that the charges against Ji, 31, alleged that he was targeted by agents with the MSS in China shortly before coming to Chicago in 2013 to study electrical engineering at IIT, a small private school just east of the Dan Ryan Expressway that had forged educational ties with Chinese universities and colleges. It also stated that Ji during his visit to China "wined and dined" with MSS handlers and was eventually given a top-secret contract.

More shocking being the fact that Ji was in the US conducting background checks on people who could be recruited by China's spy agency."

However, having deliberated for more than six hours in two days, the jury acquitted Ji of two other wire fraud counts.

A group of people on social media believe that Ji Chaoqun must have garnered support from a US national as it is difficult to stay undercover for so many years. The faction also called upon FBI to look out for traitors who supported Chaoqun.

A Twitter user while expressing his opinion stated, "Mid-term test Qs' Anything but! Ji Chaoqun's email to China's MSS contained 8 serving/recently retired defense contractors' names, all naturalized US citizens. How China is leveraging its diasporas to get at 'anything & everything' to advance its power!"

Another user wrote, " Chinese National Ji Chaoqun was arrested... accused of being a secret agent for the People's Republic. Barack Obama's administration gave him an "F1 Visa" to study electrical engineering, then allowed him to roam back and forth to mainland China..."