Who is Jerone Davison? GOP Congressional Candidate Offers to Fight Democrats in Klan Hoods with AR 15 Rifles

Two days after a 22-year-old killed seven people and injured several with an AR-15, Jerone Davison, the GOP Congressional candidate from Arizona, has released his ad campaign in favor of gun laws. He is shown defending himself from the Democrats in Klan hoods.

Davison has also shared a tweet stating, "Make Rifles Great Again" which has created a tumult on social media.

A large number of social media followers have condemned Davison for coming up with a stupid ad campaign in favor of guns when the nation is suffering on account of gun violence. The detractors also said that it is because of the "headless" and "attention hungry individuals" like him that guns have become the cool and sought- after weapons for the younger generations.

On the other hand, a faction of Republicans supporters has appreciated Davison for his innovative ad campaign adding that he has the ability to take Democrats head on.

Jerone Davison

Davison Ad Dubbed as "stupid" on Social Media

The ad campaign video carries a clip wherein Davison says: "Democrats like to say that no one needs an AR-15 for self-defense. But when this rifle is the only thing standing between your family and a dozen angry Democrats in Klan hoods, you just might need that semi-automatic and all 30 rounds."

A report published by the New York Post stated that the video shows a large group charging towards a residential home with rakes, hammers, axes, and bats and Davison waits at a window wearing sunglasses and holding a semi-automatic weapon. Thereafter, the group is shows retreating as soon as Davison walks outside the home with the firearm. The advertisement ends with a still shot of a white hood sitting in water before cutting to the Republican looking off in the distance, the report stated further.

A Twitter user while criticizing the ad campaign wrote, "What a stupid advertisement! I would wager that no one in the Klan has voted for a Democrat in the last 50 years or more! No one needs an AR-15 & a 30 round mag to defend his home. This GOP candidate Jerone Davison is twisting history to court Trump's trigger happy base!"

Another user shared his views adding, "AZ GOP Congressional candidate Jerone Davison should be ashamed of himself for releasing this ad. His family should be ashamed of him, we should all be suspect of him, "a dozen angry Democrats in Klan hoods?" There is no such thing as Dems in hoods."

"Jerome Davison's ad is so wrong. AZ@has some of the craziest people in the country!" read a tweet.

A tweet stated, "Mr. Jerome Davison, sir, please move to Kentucky and run for Congress!! We need you more than ever!! Thank you".