Who Is Jermain Rigueur? Suspect in NYC Serial Stabbing Identified as 27-Year-Old Hospital Greeter Who Smiled at First Victim After Attack

All the victims reportedly stabbed with a hunting knife, managed to survive their injuries following the attacks, according to the police.

The person arrested for allegedly stabbing multiple people in Queens over the past two weeks, including reportedly laughing in one victim's face, has been identified as a 27-year-old greeter employed at a New York City hospital, as per law enforcement sources. Jermain Rigueur was arrested on Wednesday after the NYPD launched an urgent manhunt for the alleged stabber.

According to police, Rigueur is accused of randomly targeting at least five victims in various locations across the borough of New York City. Rigueur, who lives in Queens, works as a greeter at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, sources said. As of now, no charges have been filed in connection with the case.

Random Attacker Identified

Jermain Rigueur
Jermain Rigueur X

The five victims sustained injuries from a hunting knife during the reported stabbings, as mentioned by the police. Rigueur allegedly also flashed a menacing grin at his first victim, who told The New York Post on Wednesday that he was slashed in the back earlier this month.

The 61-year-old grandfather recounted to the outlet that he was going to the laundromat on January 8 when he was allegedly attacked by Rigueur.

Initially, the victim believed the attacker had merely punched him until he felt blood "dripping down his pants."

"I felt the weight but I thought he had punched me hard in my back," recalled the victim, who did want to be identified."After he stabbed me he passed, turned to look at me and smiled."

The man was the first victim in a series of at least five terrorizing incidents in Queens over the past two weeks, carried out by the unidentified stabber, as per police reports.

All the victims reportedly stabbed with a hunting knife, managed to survive their injuries following the attacks, according to the police. Authorities are also investigating whether Rigueur may have stabbed another victim in Brooklyn.

Motive Still Unclear

Jermain Rigueur
Jermain Rigueur X

The victim was walking on 137th Avenue in Springfield Gardens when he sensed someone walking behind him. Upon reaching the corner of 157th Street and 137th Avenue, he crossed the street.

"As I was crossing I saw two shadows. I saw another shadow behind me," the victim explained. "It appeared the person was walking fast because his shadow was close. I moved further to my left-hand side. I didn't turn to see who it was.

"I just wanted to get out of the way for him to pass and so I moved to the left further to the edge."

The attacker sprinted towards the victim from behind as he crossed the intersection and stabbed him. However, the man wasn't immediately aware that he had been knifed.

The victim approached a bystander and inquired if he had seen the person who had supposedly punched him. It was only then that he realized he was bleeding.

"Then I felt a warmness dripping down in my pants," the victim recalled. "I asked the man on the phone to pull my clothes up. He said, 'Oh wow, you got a big wound on your back and you are bleeding. I gotta call 911.'"

The first victim was stabbed on January 8, and this week, authorities report that four additional victims were targeted by the same suspect.