Who is Jennifer Zeng? YouTube takes action against Chinese-American blogger for posting this VIDEO

  • Jennifer Zeng is a Chinese-American blogger

  • She uploaded a video about Coronavirus on YouTube

  • Almost two days later she found out that YouTube took her video very seriously

A Chinese blogger recently uploaded a video related to the origin of the Coronavirus and how it spread from bats to humans on Google-owned YouTube. Two days later, she came to know that YouTube took demonetization action against her channel and it is all about her latest video.

The Chinese-American blogger Jennifer Zeng said that she had been warned by YouTube. The current resident of the Greater New York area also mentioned on Friday, May 8 that "I've been warned by them on maybe 95 percent of my coronavirus videos. I just got this note last night and I wrote to them about it this morning." It should be noted that she has been posting videos related to the COVID-19 for the past two months.

The latest video posted by Jennifer Zeng

In her recent video which is not censored and still running on her channel, Zeng actually reviews a story, published on a Falun Gong website called Minghui. The YouTube video includes a list of the origination theories circulating among official circles, not the conspiracies about it being a bioweapon manufactured in a China lab.

But the video does include that the weaponization was one of the origin stories that the Chinese government used earlier just to deflect blame towards the US. That story was shared by Chinese military website and then shared on online platforms but later, the article was taken down.

Jennifer Zeng's video on YouTube
Jennifer Zeng's video on YouTube jenniferzengblog.com

However, the Minghui report says the writers of the article don't believe that bat Coronavirus was manipulated in the Wuhan lab. It should be noted that a few days ago Dr Anthony Fauci also stated that despite claims from several US officials, there is no evidence found to prove that the virus was man-made.

Jamie Metzl, a senior fellow at The Atlantic Council and a former senior official for then-President Bill Clinton and Senator Joe Biden mentioned that "I don't think it was sliced and diced in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. But I do believe it escaped a lab, accidentally."

However, Zeng's video, named as "Origin of the CCP Virus: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle" gives a notion that the animals used in the research inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a P4 level facility, located around eight miles from the controversial wet market China, were not handled properly after the experiments are done.

This is possibly the "missing piece of the puzzle" and seems reasonable enough for anyone concerned with safety issues at China's Wuhan Institute of Virology. It should be noted that the safety concerns came under the spotlight after diplomatic cables showed that US officials sounded the alarm about possible safety breaches at a Wuhan lab studying Coronavirus in animals.

Jennifer Zeng's blog: 'Jennifer's World'

Based on Minghui article she posted:

It should be mentioned that China may have successfully taken the Coronavirus outbreak under control, but they also found help from others to stop the story of the lab leak from beating circulated, as platforms like YouTube and Twitter decided to censor several posts and videos about the COVID-19.

As per CNN, last week YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki said any video on the platform that goes against WHO recommendations for combating the virus would be dealt with.

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